how do I avoid the unhealthy behavior of blowing off my tasks when you have no motivation

Clarissa J.
Write down why you're doing these tasks and why you want to achieve these goals and keep this list somewhere close to you so you can see it every day. This will help motivate you to keep going even if or when you don't want to.
Oliver W.
When you want to be lazy or blow off your commitments, just remember who you’re doing this for. Yes! You are doing this for you – BUT you are also doing this for those around you. You are changing your lifestyle to impact your family, to be the best wife to Nick, the best mother to Brody, and the best business partner/mentor to others. This is not just about you!! Keep going!!!
Andrea U.
This is a tough one. When it comes down to it, the only solution is to just be relentless, stop overthinking, and do the task. Maybe try to minimise it as much as possible – instead of a 30 minute workout, exercise for just 3 minutes, and instead of going for a 20 minute walk, just walk around the block. It can be hard to push through when you’re not feeling it. But ultimately, life won’t wait for you until you’re motivated. You are what you do, you are your actions. So think of the person you’re trying to become and act. Relentlessly. There’s not, unfortunately, any magical pill for motivation, we just have to stop making excuses and do the task. Consistent action is the only way towards our goals.
Best of luck to you, my friend!