I like to exercise as a break in between my morning work. However, when I feel the time constraints, I don’t always go for the full workout. Sometimes I’ll add a walk in later to make up for it. For all you non-early-risers, how do you split up your exercise successfully?

Stella X.
I try to take my daily walk whenever the weather will be best that day and do housework and/or yoga to make up any shortfall.
Nathan C.
There are some great apps that will guide you through mini excercise sessions. I do my big workout in the morning and then minis and walks where I can throughout the day.
Mildred Y.
I think you’ve got the right idea. It’s about finding the time and making it happen.
If I’m not motivated to do an actual routine I will fit in time for a walk. I’ll do random pushups everywhere. Also I do squats while I’m holding my baby. Yoga stretches as a celebration to my body. Keeping creating those ideas and keep them fun.
Arron J.
I make a stretch in the morning whenever I wake up. I try to walk an hour during a day and have my 30 min exercise routine in the evening