How long are your morning and evening routines?

Joshua F.
Only about 15 minutes. Short enough that it doesn’t make a huge impact on my time management but will have much bigger benefits

Sue O.
My morning routines are 30 minutes or less in length, because that's the busiest part of my day. My evening routines can be as long as an hour or more; by then I'm stretching out my activities, trying to unwind and shift my focus to "me time" and renewal, my personal projects, self care, and my relationships.

Ang Lico F.
Each one is about 30 minutes. What takes the longest is the excercise in the morning, meditation midday and writing in the journal in the evening.

Alexei C.
My morning routine is about an hour long, but that time allows me to truly be prepared for the day. My evening routine is a bit shorter at the moment, taking about 30-45 minutes to complete

Dwight U.
Morning routine is around 30 min. Evenings i dont have a routine. I can just sleep easily as i tend to wake up very early and get already too tired at night.

Inesita Q.
At the moment they are short. I am a little cautious to build in longer morning routines as I already get up at 6.15 and not sure it would be good for me to extend that. Also if I add another 10-15 mins will I stick with it or will I be distracted as I just want to get to work.