Is there a way to mark off your to-do lists as you complete a task? I think I need a new app to use as my to-do lists as with the Fabulous app seems only a listing service and not an interactive to-do.

Nuri F.
This app is getting boring and cannot be customized enough. Some of my habits I want to do only 3 days a week, but I can’t make the app do that. I keep my to do list in a separate notebook
Mary O.
I keep a separate pocket notebook and pen on my person so that I always have my To-Do List on me at all times. I prefer a pen and paper To-Do List but I suppose you could use an app such as Reminders on iPhone or similar. Hope this helps!!
Andy P.
I followed the suggestion from Fabulous that use an real notebook instead of app to avoid getting distracted by the mobile device.
Felix E.
I write my to-do list with pen and paper. I find the time spent doing this to be a real benefit and an investment in myself. I write it at the start of the day and review at the end…
Ferdinando F.
I prefer to enter my to do list into the text box which fabulous provides. From there I take a screenshot of it. Later and at the end of my morning routine I put it on my calendar via my iPhone, iPad, or computer. Everything lands on a timeline and I don’t have to cross things off. For ambiguous lists of household tasks and last time pressing items I suggest get a piece of paper, a pen, some highlighters, whatever floats your boat, and put it on a clipboard & carry it around with you. That part helps me feel productive and important. Those two things combined help me tackle everything I have to do, that to do list would not be as successful If I didn’t feel I had to hold it to a timeline of non-negotiable Time specific tasks.
Alexandrino W. is the best option in my opinion. Not only you have a general view of tasks you can mark as complete by time category like today, tomorrow or soon or someday; but you also have special categories such as work, grocery ect and you can make your own categories too.
Heather T.
I mostly use the habits as a main to do, i got a routine called maintenance for chores and other things that i tick off as Clean and tidy up, and i have few other things in my schedule. If your to do lists are very long, though, i suggest another app, maybe todoist.