Im currently on my vacation so when i will be going to school when will i write a to do list because we dont know what teacher is going to give us on that particular day ?

Holly J.
As soon as you find out or like me I ask my teacher for a timetable of my lessons so I can be organised but if that’s not available you can always find out in the morning and write it down ASAP

Btw you look beautiful and your loved, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise xx

Mary X.
I always like writing/reviewing my to do list in the morning so I can consider my intentions for the day. Your to-do list doesn't need to just be assignments, you can also include self care, non-daily hygiene, and household upkeep.

I like to block off time for school work at a daily time – if my teacher gives me assignments, I can spend that time on assignments. If I don't have assignments, I use that time to review notes and prepare what I call a "consolidation sheet" of important concepts.

When tasks arise, I write them immediately down in my planner's to do list. I don't wait for the morning. The morning to do list review is mostly to reread what I have written in my planner and making a decision on how I will spend my day, and extra things I did not write before.

The benefit of a planner is that you can set up to do lists for future specific days. Mine also has an additional space on the side for tasks that I need to do but am not writing into specific days.

So the answer: I suggest reviewing and writing a to do list first thing in the morning, and adding to the list immediately when your teacher gives you assignments.

Arquimino Q.
Hi! I’m actually a teacher and thought I’d take a shot answering this. I’ll be honest- I have not yet heard or had any training on what to do and what to assign for this upcoming school year (and we go back to school in two weeks!). Be patient with your teacher. I’d recommend keeping a journal or agenda or calendar to keep track of what is asked of you. Maybe your to do list could be “write down school assignments for each class”. That way it is open ended until you have more details but also specific enough that you remember to do it. I usually have my reminders in my phone set as a weekly or daily alert so that once I mark it complete for that day, it will automatically schedule for the next day. If there is a new task I need to do I set a reminder to go off in the morning around the time I try to wake up. I usually spend three to five minutes in the morning to check what is on my list- just so I know what to expect.
Henrique A.
Keep in mind the courses youll be having on the day. You may not know what youre teacher is going to teach, but you may know the subject of the class. Also you can plan on your list how youre gonna face problems or how youre gonna face the study time.
Ruth U.
No harm in making a revised to-do list once you know what work you have to do.

Start with the things you do know (maybe you want to empty your bin, or throw out some old clothes, do 2 hours of revision for x subject) and then edit it once you know what your teacher wants you to do.

The most valuable thing about a to-do list is the routine of putting your daily goals down onto paper! Manifesting your goals this way makes you way more likely to achieve them.