How to deal with multiple high priority tasks, and more firefighting tasks than quality time tasks?

Kirra X.
My therapist says that the best thing to do in this situation is assess how much time you can dedicate to these tasks, then divide up that time based on how time-consuming/important each task is – then, don’t go over your time limit for each task. Its better to make headway on everything than hyper-focus on one and still feel stressed about the others
Karen P.
I put everything aside and just focus on that high priority task. Because if it’s that important like a late school project then I’m gonna put it in front of everything else.
Andy O.
If you are really overwhelmed with with multiple priorities and firefighting I think it's best just to pick any small tasks and do those first it will give you a sense of completion. you can then really attack a priority list. I think asking questions will help guide a list of priorities. Asking why and looking for the consequences might help.