Is this whole exercise like monotonous or mechanical? And when I complete this whole journey, what next?

Myrtle F.
Mechanical now. I look forward to my morning session.
When you complete this whole journey I guess you would have formed habits you’ve gotten accustomed too.
Lya O.
Only some times, usually if I’m not at home or something else effects the routine that I can’t control I find it annoying. But if I have plenty of time I really enjoy going through the routine
Claire O.
I think you’ll find from it what you make of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if some people thought it was monotonous and others thought it was joyful. I find it comforting and makes my days a lot better. It took a while for those feelings to set in though. I had to get used to doing many new things. This app has a bunch of journeys. I’m not sure what I’m going to do once I complete them all. I’ll probably continue tailoring my routine to what works best for my life. And I’ll use that to live my best life.