Do you find the Write My To Do habit to be more helpful in the morning or evening?

Jorge U.
Writing my To Do List is most helpful to me in the morning. It helps me prep for the day ahead and get into the right mindset to get things done. In the evening, I like to focus on more relaxing things like exercise or meditation.
Jonathan A.
Morning for me. I do it during my wake-up / coffee time. If I do it at night I tend to not be able to rest at bedtime since I'm thinking about the things I'm meeting to do tomorrow on my to do list.
Cindy F.
Great question.
Rationale includes:
Early am when you're fresh and before you exercise is good
The night before as you organise the day, it may stop you thinking and wirrying overnight.
For me its usually within 6 hours of waking
Mercedes O.
In the evening, because I prefer to plan what I intend to do the day before. I don’t want to overanalyse what I will do and there is a higher risk I’ll do that if I plan what I do on the day itself. I should be more productive thinking ahead rather than on the day.
Maelya U.
I enjoy it in the morning. I prefer to decide what feels most enlivening to get done when I wake up in the morning. I tend to ask myself, what am I excited to get done rather than what I need to get done. Makes it more likely I'll do it. You'd be surprised what gets done this way, with way less effort
Colleen Z.
I like writing my to do list for the next morning before I go to bed. That way I can get all my thoughts and worries out on paper so I can sleep with less stress about remembering this and that!
L Rke E.
I think that is better to write my to do list in morning because it helps me to plan better my day. But sometimes I write down some "to do" even in evening because I know that I have to do that and maybe I'm going to forget them, so I prefer to write when they get into my mind
Anna U.
In the evening. I like to get all the things I need to remember to do on to paper so that I don't have to remember them all night. I also like to wake up ready to attack the day. I don't want to have to plan what needs to be done at that point. I think I would be put off by all the things that need to be done if I wrote my list at that point.
Marie F.
In the morning because I have the feeling that I can do things after writing them… otherwise I have the feeling of letting them for forever later