I feel that writing the top three most important tasks is a great idea, so one doesn’t put too much on their plate. However, how are we to quantify these tasks? Is taking five minutes to pay a bill on my phone the same as cleaning dishes for fifteen minutes or exercising for 30 minutes or having dinner with family for two hours?? Also, what if I have one task I’m avoiding, because it’s a big deal. If I break it down into multiple, smaller tasks like most advise, how many of those can I do per day? What if it’s something I’ve never done before, so I have no idea how long it may take? I’m confused about this, as well. Maybe I need a distinction between different tasks. Maybe we could categorize tasks by length, effort, and importance?? Also, I find if I’m not sure what to prioritize, because so much seems important, I’ll go over the list with my spouse and he will help me make a decision or take some of the tasks off my hands. Sometimes, I can ask for help or delegate. Also, do I write a separate top three list for work? I feel like I need one for work and one for home or I won’t get much done at either place.

Lorenzo T.
Thats a great question i also find it difficult if i have to toggle between my phone priorities that i can tick of if im done or prioritize them, maybe its something thé designers could look into