What methods of planning do you use?

Joyce F.
I use a small notebook to write out a todo list so I can carry it with me throughout the day. I write A,B,C in front of each item to list importance and I put a star behind three of the most important tasks to make sure I get at least those done for the day.

The reason I carry a small notebook is also so if I fill the page, there is still not much on it, which means a full day of tasks is much easier to accomplish than an enormous list.

I also use a calendar app for appointments and meetings. This is good for me to enter the day I make a meeting so I can review the day before when I am writing my list.

I always write my todo list the night before and review in the morning after meditation and workouts.

Nil P.
Trello App works for things with lots of parts, or for organising a weekly to do. I also use lots of handwritten lists, but only for short term tasks