How do you handle holidays and completing tasks, especially work-related ones?

Tiffany S.
Do you mean holidays like events/parties, or holidays like time off? Either way… I wish I knew! When it comes to parties and hosting, a lot of my self-care routines go out the window to make space for other things. In terms of time off, I ALWAYS struggle with instructed time– I can't resist sleeping in (yet), which reliably throws off my schedule.

When it comes to parties, I think breaking down tasks and being super prepared is important. The more days over which you can spread the work, the better. For example, I COULD get ingredients for, make, chill, and decorate a cake all in the same day I'm going to serve it… but I'd probably sacrifice a lot of other tasks to get there. Being organized and practicing foresight are key. And don't be afraid to delegate tasks to others.

I think this question is less addressing time off, but I do want to say a few words. When you make your own schedule, it's important to maintain consistency, if possible, and a bare minimum of foresight if not! Plan backward from deadlines and things that HAVE to get done.

Oh, and good luck 🙂 you've got this!

Byron Z.
I attempt to scale back my tasks to the minimum: if I don’t, it isn’t a real holiday.

I recognize that I get less done this way, but the bowl of my mind must be empty, before I can refill it.

Harper C.
I really struggle. Sometimes I just give myself a break, or use the work-related task to do something similarly studious but relaxing, like reading a book.