Everything else being equal, how many to-do items so you feel comfortable putting on your list each day?

Gaspard Y.
I have a long to do list, so that I don’t forget snything. And everyday I select no more than 4-6 tasks. I try to select a big important task to guide my day, but I am still learning to prioritize the important over the urgent and interruptions. Which I find quite difficult!
Nathan T.
While you start to make a new change in yourself, in the beginning it feels uneasy and complex but as we go on it becomes easier, so at all it needs a self-belief and dedication towards our goal. That's why I put everything on my to-do list which makes me better.
Becky B.
I don't count going to classes as tasks, so I will usually complete around 3-5 tasks each day. If I have a lot of energy and time I can complete 6-8 tasks, but it's rare.

I see 3 tasks as a minimum. Make sure that you don't make your tasks too big!

Celal F.
As many as I really want to do. Some days life gets in the way and some don't get done. Don't scold yourself or feel bad for what you didn't do. Celebrate what you did accomplish (If you know you honestly tried) and know that tomorrow is always a new beginning. Every day is a chance to learn more about yourself and your limits. Remember, you can always adjust what's on your list.