Do you make a to-do list in order of execution of your tasks or randomly!?

Nolan O.
No. I tey to prioritize things based on the level of difficulty or y the amount of time required. I've not been very productive lately though.
Natalie E.
I start out with a brain dump first and write down what comes into my head, the next step is prioritizing what is most important and absolutely needs to be done vs what I also like to accomplish. I hope that makes sens .
Flavie E.
I'm a lot more disorganized than I'd like to be and as such my current to-do lists are randomly ordered. It has been working fine for now as I can prioritize things but I'd like to change that gradually and make an ordered list.
Manuel F.
I write them randomly, but put them in order of execution after that. "Eat the frog"; that is complete your hardest task first. Aim to finish 3 big tasks every day. Order should be according to the most urgent and most beneficial your career to the least. Avoid procrastination; example: Leaving the hard task and replying easy e-mails is procrastination.
Aurore C.
I have to do a list or I won't think to do the tasks. I have ADHD so it's even harder for me to remember and although I run and own my own business, remwberomg everything is not natural to me.