Which is the best method to “write my to-do”?

Ryan Z.
I’d recommend putting the important (boring) stuff you don’t want to do at the top of your list so that you’re rewarding yourself for completing these tasks with funner/easier tasks later in the day.

I also try to allocate rough times for everything. E.g you’ve been successful if you’ve worked on a report you don’t really want to do for at least half an hour. Then, even if you only manage the half hour and that’s it, you’re less likely to feel guilty about doing other things with your day.

Also I’d recommend getting a scheduling app and logging recurring tasks on that e.g a reminder every week for laundry or dusting. That way your to-do list is only made up of the unique tasks you want to accomplish on that day, on top of your regular schedule.

Jacinta F.
I use an app that helps me schedule and set alarms. I break down what needs to be done into categories. I adjust the list based on any schedule changes

Sofia J.
Paper & pen in a small handheld spiral notebook or similar.

But only your shirt immediate top 3 list of things to do today.

Keep a “schedule” of “Things to Get Done” including your rituals and routines perhaps on a day-to-day/week/month/year online calendar?

New habits/routines may need to be on your immediate to do list for the day.

Riutines & Rituals that have become ingrained in you probably do t need to be in your to do list or even calendar but syikl in your electronic Fabulous App to help guide you thru the day and keep you on track with reminders and coaching.