Can you share an example of to do list? I would be appreciated

Veronica X.
My to do list is divided up into three (and as the day goes on, four) categories; Today, This Week, and This Month. If I figure out I can’t do something from Today, I’ll make a Tomorrow list, that gets priority the next day.

An example of how this looks:

•Empty work email inbox
•Wash sheets
•Take out trash
•Check mail

•Give dog a bath
•Do cardio

This Week
•Clean fridge
•Finish *work task*

This Month
•Clean out closet
•Donate clothes

Dillon V.
When I draft my todo list, I write in my bullet journal to keep track. On the left page, I make a list of all the items I want to complete that week, sort of like a menu. On the write page, I divide the menu items for different a days of the week. For each day, I write 3 big items I’d like to complete. If there are other, non-urgent items, I’ll create small bullet points after the 3rd todo list item.