What do you do with an item that is a new task and stays on the to-do list longer than it should?

Howard Vargas
Make it your first priority of the day. Think, I can't do anything else until this is done, and then make it your mission to finish it early, so you cannot complain it's too late or you are too tired to complete it at the end of the day. You can also try breaking down the task into smaller subtasks, so it doesn't feel overwhelming.

Emilie Poulsen
Ask yourself why it is on your to do list. Did you put it there, or somebody else?

If you did – why? Does it really help you towards your goals? If not, consider getting rid of it. If somebody else put it there, or you must do it: maybe you can plan it at the beginning of a day, for just five or ten minutes? This way, you’ll gradually start on it.

Frederik Christiansen
Get it out of the way first. Getting it done sooner rather than putting it off will allow me to make it a habit faster. By forcing myself to make it happen, I will slowly start to complete the task without thinking about it.

Xander Bates
That item that stays on your to-do list longer than it should? Make it your ONLY task the very next day you realise it’s “overstaying” already.

Manon Guillaume
I definitely would not punish myself for not doing this. I would just postpone the undone task for another day and if possible – split it into several little tasks. Have you ever heard of “cutting the elephant?” If not, try googling it – it’s a great technique.

Noham Dumas
I would take it off and rethink the task
1. What is it I am avoiding
2. Go for a few days without that task on your list.
3. When ready put it on the list again and make a point to finish it asap

Bonnie Price
I ask myself if this activity is really what I want and need. If it doesn’t seem to be of much importance, I find something else to do instead. Most days it’s not easy to accomplish 3 important tasks, some work days are long and start at an unusual hour for me. I try not to stress over the little tasks that were not done and just investigate within of my true motivation for them. But that’s just me. I want to be more productive but not more anxious or judgemental of myself. It never gets me more motivated. Instead, if I do accomplish what I planned, I enjoy the feeling this gives me and feel forward to feel it again.