Do you write about personal or professional tasks on your to do list?

Ginevra O.
I have two different lists. One for my personal tasks, another for professional tasks. I check the first one all day long, the second only when I’m at work.
Iza N.
Mainly professional with two or three personal self care moments. I do this to keep focus on my responsibilities whilst having self care feel necessary as well.
Chloe P.
No I just write my to do’s for the next day, for example, if I had to do something the next day I’d write it down so I won’t forget what I had to do 💛🌻✨
Aliona P.
I actually struggle with my to do lists. So far I had a separate notebook for work, and I'd dumpy everything I need to get done once or twice a week on a large to do list and run with that. I usually need some quiet time to get my work thoughts together and set work goals for me and my team.
And I'm struggling with personal to do lists because I'm trying to go small and achievable just to get into the habit, and these tiny to do's don't seem like they are worth the paper wasted on them. .. not sure if this helps. Maybe I'll try dumping all my tasks in one pile and see how I go from there
Sheila P.
I write my personal and professional down on the same list! One thing I use to do was prioritize them by color; red, orange and yellow. Red being urgent aka get done NOW and yellow being needs to be done but I can do that once everything that is more important is done
Ronja Z.
No. I like to limit my use of my phone in this process so I have a separate journal for my personal and professional goals.
Rolim C.
I have a variety of task categories that are manage by priority and genre, for example

Some for health, some professional development thers for finances and etc.

Notion is a good tool to use to organize and structure your thoughts/ideas

Grace A.
I write about both. When I am making my to do list for the day, I think of all the things I want accomplished. I write about professional tasks that need it get done like attends a meeting or class, but I also right about personal things. For example, after about an hour or so of working, I have it scheduled to take 5 minutes to do a desk yoga where you stretch out your arms, legs, neck, and back. I also will schedule a time to take a break, go on my phone for a couple minutes, or to meditate. For your to do list, you need to have self care items on there because they are something that you need to do, and they should not be ignored, but that doesn’t mean you have to change any professional things you have on your to do list.
Mikaela F.
I write both. Anything pertaining to me that day I write. I use different colours for appointments/health related tasks =blue. Green for social tasks and pink for regular everyday tasks. Then I take notes on the day (brief description of key moments) in black.
Robert E.
I keep separate lists for personal and professional tasks. I’m not working currently but I would normally keep tasks separate.
Reis Z.
I write everything on the list. Usually the most important items are on my mind, so I write them first. However, I learned a trick about 18 years ago that changed how I write a to-do list. I don't start writing on the first line on the page. I skip down 5 or 6 lines and start there. That way, if/when more urgent tasks come to mind as I'm making my list, I have the space to add them to the very top!
Adelaide T.
Both! I write down everything I want to do that day, whether personal or professional. However sometimes it can use useful to have a work to do list, and a separate life/home to do list instead
Jennifer N.
Both! If I’m generating items I will write everything down together on the same list and then I will assign them times or dates, sometimes I need to remember to do things for myself during the work day and sometimes during work, I need to head home organized for the night ahead
Aaron P.
I write both. I usually have a separate professional to-do list, and a daily to do list that includes personal errands as well as professional tasks for the day.
Janelle S.
Both! So I got some great advice recently on to do lists while we’re under lockdown. A 3-1-1 lists. 3 professional things you want to get done. 1 personal. And 1 something for others. It could be volunteering somewhere. Reaching out to someone who would appreciate it. Thanking someone. You get it. But yeah. Short answer. Both. And if you get those 5 things done, feel free to keep adding!
Katherine C.
I try to write a master list by categories. I’ll separate my personal life into categories like health, financial security, home, etc. I’ll create a task list at work as well. As a project manager, I’ll usually separate these tasks by project, timeline, duration, importance, etc. I can create the master of all to do lists, my shortcoming is a lack of action on following up on these tasks—actually planning, preparing for and taking real action to complete these items is the next step in creating an effective daily routine where I am productive at work and in the small steps I am taking daily to improve as an individual.
Iag I.
Usually at school it’s just a work schedule and like a sticky note with my errands and other personal stuff. Right now in this quarantine all my to dos are personal.
Olivia X.
I like to write a bit of both. I'll include the most important tasks I need to achieve in work but also things that I need to do to get on with life in general. If I don't write these down then they will be distracting me throughout the day so I find it's best to include them.
Miguel W.
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