I’d like to know how many to-dos should I write and make it be more reasonable and can be done efficiently.

Fernando B.
Well, I think that all depends on you and what system works best for you. For me, my best system is when I write down every to-do item I can think of in one gigantic list, just to get it out of my head. Then I look at it each day and pick out which items are a priority for me today and either *star* them or put them on a separate "Today" list. I pick as many as I think I can get done, plus an extra 1-3, just in case I surprise myself. Then I can check off each item as I go, or add to the giant list if I think of other tasks I need to remember for later without them distracting me while I work. But this is just one example. Again, the important thing is to find what system works best for you. You may have to play around with your lists a bit and try a few different things before you find what fits you best! But I wish you the best, and I know you can do it!! You are Fabulous, darling!!
Teresa J.
I should have 3 main task for the day everything else must be filled up either with a routine or a small ketchups or follow-ups on what was going on before
Alma F.
I started with around 5 that seemed like I could get done within the time that I had in the morning. Some days I can do more on the to do list some days I can't do as much. I think some fluctuation somewhere between 5 to 9 short tasks has worked for me.
Domenico F.
Write your to do list, then break it down into the individual steps. (Vacuum turns into pick up living room, pick up bed room, vacuum LR, vacuum BR, set LR to rights, set BR to rights, put away vacuum).
Assign each sub task the amount of time it will realistically take. (Mine is 5 min per task)
Figure out how much time you have to actually work on your list.
Is it possible?
Move the stuff that can be tomorrow to the next day until it IS possible. If you have extra time, do one from tomorrow’s list.
Darren E.
I would say write everything that needs to get done. I always write everything, so I can see what I struggle with completing and ask myself why? That’s how I can begin to work on it.