How do you keep an exercise routine when your days can be very different from one another (travelling for work for example, or friends or family events)?

Alexia W.
I’m currently only committed to morning exercise and it’s short enough that I can do it every morning. If I’m scheduled to work at a very early hour I try to make sure I prep my breakfast and eat on my way to work which saves some time to get out the door faster.
Jose I.
It’s a question of my level of commitment to myself and my journey. I ask myself if I’m worth the effort that I also give to others and the answer is: absolutely.

I had to convince myself that I deserve the results of dedicating time to my health. And that’s what I did.

Johanne Z.
My goal right now is to walk for 20 minutes. No matter where I am I can walk for 10 minutes out and 10 minutes back. It’s a really easy goal to achieve. Keep the goal smallish and realistic. You’ll over achieve ever time.
Em Lio F.
Plan your weeks ahead, and plan your days to include a work moment, social moment, and me-moment. Every day can be different, and flexible.

Furthermore, do not only exercise when you are 100%. It is ok to not demand a personal record. See exercise as an investment in yourself, like your pension. Give a little to yourself each day.

Mathias P.
1) Wake up early and do your routine then. Make it a habit to wake up extra early, so you're not dependent on the events, apart from truly extreme circumstances.
2) Another thing I've noticed is that friends, family,etc bring different energy with then which makes it very difficult to stick to your routine, even when I have the time. The majority of the battle for me was realising this + verbalising it for me. So they come with energy = fun / anything else but exercise. Your energy (focus) = exercise. Realise that there's a battle of energies and you have to push yours to ensure you achieve your goal.
Good luck!
Hector P.
I’m still struggling with that question myself…I am content is I can do it 3 times/week and I am really proud of myself if I manage to run 5/week.
Jeremy I.
I keep a small notebook on me that has a easy workout routine that can be done pretty much anywhere. It’s 15 minutes long, can be done with weights or no equipment at all (body weight), and sometimes I get my friends and fam to do it with me when traveling! You can check out body weight workouts on YouTube with Athlean X for specific workouts, short yet impactful routines, and more inspiration to stay consistent. Plus, It’s free!
Mads G.
I tried to get up extra early when no one wakes up and I will do my exercises for 7 mins. If that fails, I will make sure let my friends or family know that I will need 7 min to work out during the day
Manon Y.
I generally run early in the morning before I would usually wake up (I normally wake up at 6am but on days I run, I am up at 445am). This head start also creates a few minutes to read the news over coffee, which I enjoy.
Heinz Dieter P.
I use a reward system to get me going. Make the reward something you can’t go a day with out and trust me you’ll find a way.
Hil Ria S.
We need to have a few alternatives that enable us to be resourceful when life happens!

For example I routinely cycle to work. But also travel overseas with work. In this instance I develop a routine o can commit to under those circumstances (I take a folding bike!)

I also have a few apps available that can be done in a bed room when can’t head out.

The last idea is to gamify the situation and do extra chores, like vacuuming, and be very deliberate with the extra chores due to the guests!

Where there is a will there is a way!

Phyllis P.
No matter the environment considering excercise the no 1 priority makes a lot more easier to keep on dooing things exactly how you planned. It all about self control. You can't control situations, but you can control your reactions. And that's enough.