Do you plan your day hour by hour? Or what routine do you use?

Sumayah F.
I plan my day by writing down the things that need to be done by the end of the day, in the decreasing order of priority. This helps me declutter the pending tasks in my mind. Since the time limit is by the end of the day, I don't get overwhelmed from the fact that I haven't finished the tasks within a certain hour.
Ferdinanda S.
I have a daily routine of
6am I meditate and do my gratitude journal then I look at my work diary to see what I have on – write down any ideas that come and set intentions of a great day. My to do list will be filled with small tasks I know will move me towards my goal. I do my affirmations during my morning cleansing then make a healthy smoothie. I listen to empowering audiobooks or podcasts on my 25/30 minute walk to pick up my car (husband takes it to his work first) I practise gratitude throughout my day by being thankful for my clients keeping me in a job 💛 I meditate before bed to review my day and know that all is well in my world.
Vedika P.
I plan out what things do I need to complete by the end of the day and just keep on completing it ! Because if you make your routine hour by hour you will end up being anxious about what you have to do in the upcoming hour and it will feel like a difficult task even if it’s one of the things you enjoyed doing , rather you can even decide what can be done in the morning, evening or afternoon it will keep you going and you will enjoy your day not being anxious about anything but at the same time completing your task and being productive
Alexis W.
A lot of times I'll plan a certain time to start and end so I don't get off course but honestly no because every time I plan so strictly I start feeling overwhelmed and rushed so I have a very loose plan. I make a to do list and I prioritize so I'll say I'm going to get the first three things done and I'll try for the rest but if I can't that's ok.
Malou F.
-I'll Partice my communicate skill everyday
-Partice my chinese languges
every day
-Usually be active learning at reading a book , languges , knowledge of financial , or anything else.

Book (others skill)
-Active learning

Gulzar N.
I'm sorry for my bad english. yes, I plan my day on what routines I will do and try to do them all in order. Since the hours of some routines are very demanding, I try to do them on time.
Cynthia F.
It depends on the tasks I have each day! But usually I plan my week ahead by day in general and than the day before I plan the next day in more details if I felt overwhelmed or if I have a lot on my hand
Israa Z.
I already have some activities in my calendar i prioritize and adjust my plans in the morning and evening and track them from time to time throughout the day
Dustin C.
I prefer to plan my day task by task first, then organize what I can accomplish in the most ideal or manageable time frame possible. It can be hard to figure out if an hour is enough time allotted to do a task unless it’s quick or you’ve started working on it, so flexible time windows are what works best for me.
Clara U.
I do not plan my day hour by hour instead of this I plan my day by writing down to do list of what things I have to do today and in my to do list I have two sections one is mandatory other is not mandatory but If time remains I try my best to do the extra work also. this helps me finishing my work easily without being burdon on me. you can try this out if it helps then I'll be more than happy 😊
Rubi C.
Yeah I used to plan my day by hour but now I realised that I am a not a machine or AI robot to run through the programmed time. So I am prioritising the tasks to be done that day and it works pretty well. So now day plan is based on the tasks to be done. Doing good.
Jack F.
My day starts with a fixed morning routine(wake up, drink water,make coffee, a little reading or music, shower, breakfasf and work) once I get to the office, then I spend some time planning my work day and after work, usually by task and time.