Do you have a method for avoiding over-committing to what you’ll achieve in a day?

Daphn Y.
Yes. I tell myself that if I can accomplish one goal per day then no matter what I'm making progress. If I get more done- awesome. If now, then at least I met my goal. I'm have a to do list and sometimes the goal might be too get it all done but I never put more on than what I could realistically do. So set realistic goals and even if you only get that one thing done per day then you're moving forward.
Jabes Z.
I usually take some time to wander around in my work areas. Since I’m working in a zoo, I’ll usually walk around the park and relax my mind by looking at all animals under my care as well as observing their condition. Apart from that, I love to enjoy good music . I’ll put my EarPods and let the groove consume me.
Warren P.
Learn to say no, even to yourself, and set your priorities.

If it’s trying to get tasks done at work, then you have to make sure that you don’t needlessly add anyone else’s work on top of your own. It’s okay to agree to assist with a project or favor if it’s not inconvenient or if it’s relevant to your current task. Otherwise, being an overachiever and a yes man might just land you more work than you handle at once.

If it’s over committing to achieving personal tasks then be realistic with your timeline. Do you have the time to spare for ten tasks or five? The priority of tasks is important as well. What are the things you need to do versus the things you want to do? Once you get the necessities out of the way, you see how much time you can actually spare with less important matters. That’s when you decide to choose all the things that can pushed off for later.

If there isn’t a midnight deadline, most over-commitments can be pushed to the next day or even a later date. I’m sure there are plenty of important things that need to be done but it’s also important to realize there’s only so much time in a day.