How do you handle your todo lists?

Rayyanah X.
I think it's in my genes that I can stick to my to do list; I keep them next to me and check them frequently.. plus I've learned how to be responsible since I was a child as I took care of my little siblings and was there for them all the time (still I am).. I am a committed person 😁
Kaka N.
I write my to do list everyday, but I don’t complete all the tasks even if it’s only 3 or even 2 task, how do you get yourself to complete every task on your list?
Tyrone E.
Well, first I find a good time to write my list, so I don’t feel rushed. Then I set a schedule according to the things I have to get done. But I always leave some time to also just relax instead of cramming everything I need to do in one day.
Johnny Y.
Being on ranch there’s always a massive to do list. Sometimes unimaginable. I handle my to do lists, prioritizing which needs to happen first – may change day to day and changes greatly depending on time of year. Start at top. Circle by today’s goals for to do. Cross out as done. Start from group list and make daily lists
Sandra Q.
I write them down and try to do the once I hate first and then the once I like. That way I handle gratification the right way
Ra L S.
I always try to keep my goals in mind and what I am doing to reach them. My habits are essential to do so and feel me better. Also I try to hold my energy and willigness to succed the highest possible repeating my goals in my mind.
Edineusa Z.
I handle it because it keeps me focused on what I should do its just something inside me that makes it like a challenge and of course I like wining challenges so it kind of encouroge me yiu can say and I dont like putting much stuff to do on myself then it will be hard so I take it easy and simple.
Sara Y.
I love doing my list. This year I bought a blank dotted notebook and it makes all the difference. I have the chance to make my own week spread, decorate it and make it exciting to see and fill up.

I really notice how my productivity raised since I started taking a special time for doing it. Love it!

Assis A.
I usually write the dates a few days ahead so that it encourages me to keep going with the exercise. I also include regular items every day such as "do dishes" and "have a shower" so that I will always be able to tick off something. I fill these in days in advance as well.

Each evening I write in any appointments that I have the next day as well as the time so I am prepared for them

Then on the day itself I spent 5-10 mins after I've had a shower (so after something has been achieved) and add in things I need/want to do that day taking into account the meetings I have already pencilled in.

Yedda F.
To-Do lists can be triggering to me. It reminds me of a time in my life when I was very unhealthy and abusing prescription drugs. I would make to-do lists constantly but would hardly every accomplish the tasks on them. So now when writing my own, or even seeing someone else’s to-do list brings up feelings of failure and defeat. I will tell myself “you’re not actually going to get this done” as I am writing out a to-do list. Yesterday I actively challenged those negative thoughts. I made my list and then I did the two hardest things on the list first, the things I was dreading. It felt amazing to check those off the list. And they weren’t as bad as I had expected them to be.

As you can see, I have a complicated, but hopeful, relationship with to-do lists!!
They do help me to stay focused on my goals.

Mary N.
I find the easiest thing to do is just write it in the morning. Most things just stick once you take a moment to write it. Then I check it again in the early afternoon to ensure everything has been done.
Christa N.
I use a planner called FULL FOCUS PLANNER by Michael Hyatt. It has my top 3 priorities at the top. Those are the 3 big things I need to get done. If they can’t be all accomplished in one go (say I allow 1 hour – power hour how I call it) than it goes on my next day, and I repeat until it’s done.
Underneath are ‘OTHER TASKS’
I use that for anything coming my way. Anything I remember to do. Like a to do list. Under ‘NOTES’ I write everything down that distracts me from doing my power hour. At the end of my day I look at my ‘to do’ or ‘other task’ list and pick my top 3 for the day. Sometimes I get more done if it’s quick things and I check them off as I go. The key is to schedule your power hour! Schedule your top 3 and don’t deviate. Just do it! We all get distracted (write it down and continue on your big 3) look at what you can delegate or ask for help. Outsourcing might be an option for some things too.
Gloria U.
take it easy and its not life or death if u dont complete somethin. switch things around if u feel stuck w something
ure wasting time j sitting there not doing anything while u could be doin somethin else
Bernard C.
I handle them in a minimalistic bullet journal 🙂

This allows you to keep track of your tasks across each month, and doesn't get in the way of productivity.

Check the "How to bullet journal" from Ryder – it's good and simple:

Alvin E.
I always make my to do lists achievable.
If my list is too ambitious, I never complete everything on my list and then that gives me an opening allow the other items on my list to take on less importance.
Jonathan Z.
I wrote my to do lists out on a piece of paper and then I reorder them by priority by writing A B C next to each one as I move down the list. Once I know which ones are most, next and least important I then choose all the A and I decide which ONE needs to get done first. Then I mark that as one then I say which ONE needs to get done next and that’s 2 and so on until I get to 3. Once I have my top 3 I get started on the first one and work my way through list by choose the A group and breaking it into 1,2,3 until every item has been completed and then I move the B group and do the same thing until every item is completed.
Carolyn U.
I go through my to do lists in a chronological order ensuring that my list is attainable and to not overload myself with too much information and tasks to do.
Rose F.
I don’t record it in my phone because I have enough of that these days. I had an old, but nice notebook and I record it all in there. Including dietary notes. As long as I make a list in the morning and complete all the items by end of day, I don’t need to look back. Everything is in one spot.
Natali R.
I don’t think i’m handling it in the right way,I start my day with already done timeline from the day before then after my breakfast and exercise I try to make my to do list But eventually I started making it by 2 or 3 PM and sometimes by 4 PM which is late and more than half of the day is already passed away
Richard R.
I try to break my day up- what will u do before noon? What will I do this afternoon and what do I need to do before bed.
Sarah O.
I have a daily agenda that I use to keep track of work shifts, appointments, birthdays, etc. Usually, I will save a portion of the lined page for a simple to-do list. Every day (or the night before), I write the things I need to complete for the day. If I see something needs to be done in the future, I will write it in the box on the appropriate date's page instead. It helps to add reminders on the agenda pages leading up to it and/or the monthly glance pages, if you're forgetful, like me. If I don't complete a task, I will write it in for the next day I can do it, and try again. I don't like to let the "X"s in the checkboxes discourage me. Some days are difficult to get everything done, especially at first, so keep adjusting until you've found your goal-setting pace. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Lesi N.
For my todo list I write everything down on a pice of paper that I need to do. And with each item I add one item to one day of the week. Sometimes I have something to do for two weeks at a a time. And then when a new task comes I add accordingly. Remember the categories of tasks:

1. Important and urgent
2. Important but not urgent
3. Urgent but not important
4. Busy work( misc. tasks)
5. Idle work

Francoise X.
I write my personal/household todo list in a note on my phone each morning. When I get to work, I write my work todo list on a sticky note and keep it next to my computer so I see it all day and can benefit from crossing things off the list. During lunch I revisit my personal todo list and try to accomplish any tasks that I can during my break and otherwise make a plan/timeline to conquer them when I get home. There’s nothing more satisfying than deleting that todo list because you conquered it all!
Adalberto T.
I write them in the morning, then go back at lunch and evening to put a green tick next to all I have achieved.
I would like a new list each day instead of having to delete yesterdays list. If you. An do that then i haven't found out how yet.
Lucas P.
I make my todo list in Notes app. I write the things to do in order the most important at the top then the least important ones. I start the day by looking at the list then follow my tasks accordingly. When the task is done i remove it from the list.