How many items do you generally find on your to-do list and how often do you find yourself putting them on the next day’s to-do list?

Jesse T.
I go back to my list at least 1-2 times at day. At the beginning was long and many repeated items day by day but I started to decrease eve though some items have been repeatedly from my list #1
Recep E.
I find myself putting between 8-13 things on my to-do list and always completing my top three things. I usually push off about 3-6 things depending on how big the tasks are. When I push them to the next day, I have been noticing I go maybe three days maximum before I make the task a top three priority.
Amber E.
Usually my daily to-do list consists of 4 to 6 items. I am procrastinator. At first, I used to abandon several tasks that deemed difficult to handle. It's been several days though that Fabulous introduced an additional task for my morning routine called "What are the 3 most important tasks". Since then, the most significant items in my list are completed even if I have to stay up until midnight.
Ann Kathrin T.
Seven or more but I focus on the top three and than move the ones not done to the next day. Sometimes the lower ones are easy and I like the feeling of accomplishment but they can’t distract from the important.