I’d like to know how many to-dos I should write per day so as not to overwhelm myself and to actually be able to get things done.

Ellie T.
Try aiming for three or five, and then at least you know you’ve gotten your main tasks completed. I usually write tasks that are optional at the end so I know I can do those if I have spare time.
Lonnie Z.
My personal answer would be max 3-5 per day (and depending on the tasks) starting out I wrote a mixture to of some very important tasks and some that weren’t to give myself a balance and not feel overstressed.
Lic Nio A.
It’s not about how many, but about how much time do they take. I think you should not pass a 5-6 hours of intense working per day.
Frederikke G.
3 is the magic number. Make a to do list and pick 3 to get done. I always like to start with the one I am dreading 1st then on to the others.
Ilja F.
Top three and then some extras, the top three are for sure get done ones and the rest are ones you can do if you feel up to it but won’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get to them
Am Lie O.
Start small and let it grow! Begin with 3 things, and after a week when they are becoming more natural, add another! If it still feels too much work, wait another week to add on. Or write a generic to do list on the first of the week that you can apply for each day if doing it daily makes you feel stressed.