Do you manage to keep your rituals when travelling?

Birgitta Z.
I find I need to be more flexible when traveling and sometimes have to prioritise other things, but so far I have managed to keep them going. An example would be I did not have enough time to complete my whole morning routine so I prioritised the parts I needed to get ready for the day and took a note to complete my exercise later that day. I then ticked it off the routine once I completed it to keep my habits going. After a while you start to feel better completing your routine no matter the circumstance.
Delmar N.
When I’m on vacations I tend to have a more relaxed time. I try to keep most of my meals healthy, but also enjoy indulging. Generally I continue with my rituals because they are just habits that have become part of my life.
Brad C.
I know how difficult it is. My main problem is to get some space for myself, although everyone will accept when you take your time for yourself. You have to take yourself important enough to stick to your routine. You will feel better and are more present when you did your daily habit foundation.