What are favorite habits you guys like to do?

Pedro C.
Gratitude journaling in the morning! I also love deep work because it makes me feel really accomplished to finish it. The same goes for exercising, itโ€™s very satisfying to have those ones finished
Alice A.
I enjoy my Taekwondo training a lot, so as soon as I get a free time I plan for it. I also enjoy painting, reading scientific articles and doing research which the latter takes most of my free time.
Mathias B.
My favorite habit by far is the 3 things habit. I spend 1-2 minutes every morning to pick 2-3 things from my to do list and make them the priorities of the day. If you're going to incorporate this habit into your routine make sure to spend some time to reduce the "activation energy" you need to get started on the tasks you've chosen. That means to put the books on your desk beforehand if you're going to study for something, or to put your running shoes by your bedroom door if you're going to exercise in the morning. That makes it easier for you to actually complete the tasks you've decided for the day. I hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜Š