How do you keep from getting overwhelmed?

Aziz X.
I am always overwhelmed and when I can feel the discomfort of so much to do, I refocus on the item at the top of my list and let the rest go.
Gabriel Z.
I exercise or draw. Going outside to walk or just sit helps too. But I don’t always choose the right response to feeling overwhelmed unfortunately. But that’s why I’m working on my daily routine 🙂
Siegfried F.
Do things in bite size pieces. Don’t take on too much. Keep organised with a to do list. Learn to say no to distractions. Write a ta da list (what I’ve achieved). It’s important to celebrate what I’ve done well.
Laura P.
In order not to get overwhelmed, I prioritize my tasks and I stick to a list of 5 items. I stay focused and once one task is completed, I move on to the next. No distraction is allowed! Actually I remain calm the whole day.
Maurice C.
For me, I like to break things up into smaller parts so I don’t get overwhelmed. If I have a goal that is huge like “get healthy,” I will start with just one small thing…drinking water in the morning for example, then drinking water at night. I have my water bottle on my nightstand always.
I also give myself a chance to adjust. If I don’t get my goals done every day, I’m not too hard on myself either. I just start again the next day.
Divo F.
Honestly, right now I don’t. I’ve decided to start meditating and within that, I need to learn to feel the emotion and let it pass. That’s easy when you don’t have work to do, and as I’m free of uni for summer I have time to focus on myself 🙂 once I’m back at uni I think it will get more difficult. I hope through meditation I can train my mind in some way