How many things do you put on your to-do list?

Rico N.
Max 6 things. 3 primary tasks, 2 secondary tasks and 1 tertiary task.

Primary tasks: I have to get these done today, this is my goal

Secondary tasks: If I have time over do these

Tertiary tasks: If I'm feeling really fired up I can do this, but it's not a must.

Oseas C.
Aside from my work To-do list, I usually put about 5-10 things on my list. It varies depending on how long I think each task will take me. I tend to make separate to-do lists. My work to-do list, my at home work to-do list, my self care list and my quick and easy list. My quick and easy list is comprised of normal everyday things such as laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, meal planning, etc. I use a bullet journal for my lists, and color code them to simplify things for me as well.
Megan G.
I'm not really sure about what I should write in a to do list…. when I start I get confused about how many things I have to do…so I give up the list … I know that I should simplify and put one or two things, but I cannot choose….ok having said that… today I concentrate on bringing back the cable and go to the gym
Seth Z.
I generally.put 4 to 5 tasks in to do list which I need to focus and these tasks or to do list r not the one which r routine task. these to do list are action list to move towards the goals.
Elfriede Q.
Three. I usually only get two things done. I list the big tasks first. I can usually do the smaller tasks after dinner of while I am waiting for one thing to cook etc..
Naja C.
I use the Todoist app and I put almost everything on my to do list. That way it’s not cluttering up my head. I organise things by category and date the most important ones. It sounds incredibly organised and it does help me get things done but I often struggle staying focused and have lots more to dos on my mental to do list
Harriet F.
well, it depends actually. usually it's 3-5 tasks about every day life and my studies. but when it's too much for one list, i separate its into 2 or 3, depending on the task type. and when its over 10 subjects in list, i know some of them won't be done today, so it's okay, and I'm gonna do it another day
Nikolaj C.
I literally just write down every and anything that I need to do and highlight the 3 most important tasks for the day. If I have time leftover afterwards, I just start going down the list in order of importance.
William P.
The short answer-too many things. I list everything I am working on including the mundane tasks of emptying the dishwasher, washing, drying, and folding clothes, etc. I list my ongoing art projects, the work projects, future projects, classes I am taking, with dates of completion. They have a designation. A B and C in order of urgency.
OG=On Going, P1 =Priority 1 or ASAP means today. There is a completion date. It is similar to the habits we list in our rituals, but it is in my phone with the designation and for some an audible reminder. That way it jogs my memory and I complete it. You could add them to your Fabulous habits if they are on going. I have a special Ritual I have designed just for Friday called Friday chores. It lists everything I need to do for maintenance of a clean and sparkling domain. I am then ready for a clean house and a beautiful weekend.
Salvador N.
A few things to do after work like grading papers, load the dishes, prepare the project deadlines, buy stuff from supermarket for dinner,etc.
Lucy T.
Every day, I think about 5 important things to do.I think about those things that could make me feel better and help me to be FABULOUS.
Alfons C.
I make a daily list which I continue the next day. I try to put everything down that I would like to accomplish so I don’t have to continuously remind myself about a task but can plan out when I’m going to accomplish it
Christoph Z.
At least four. It usually gets longer as I can see I just write down anything in my mind on the paper sometimes. Then it’s not a list for today because I would include things for tomorrow. Some lists it seems that it’s easy to hook me to start with; some lists are just a paper with writing on it but no value for me to act. Perhaps it depends on how challenging is the task itself.