Do you write your to-do at night or in the morning? I put one in the evening but I feel I can’t do it because I don’t have time.

Gustav O.
I write in the evening, so I don’t forget, then I add to it in the morning, if there is more things that needs to be done.
Victor Z.
I do it first thing on the morning. Sometimes i plan a task for tomorrow but a don’t feel like doing it the next day (if not time sensitive) I rather do another one. So it’s more logical for me to manage the same day…
also it gives me anxiety to thing about all I have to do before bed. I can’t disconnect properly and get the most of my night sleep…
Voilà ! 🙂
Alice O.
I also prefer not to write my to-dos at night, even though it's a sensible time to do it, so I have a ready-made plan for the morning. Lots of times, I can think of to-dos in the evening, or as I process my day while brushing my teeth etc. But I like to keep my evenings for renewal, creative, or relationship time. So, I keep pens and pads of paper all over my house, and when I think of a to-do, I jot it down quickly. Then, I sit down with a cuppa tea or coffee in the morning and map out my 1-3-5s and timeline. I usually do this right after I get to work, but on busy days I do it during my first coffee break. But because I have my little bullet lists, I can at least get started on the important things. Hope this helps!
Tamara J.
I write my to do list in the evening or at night. I feel like i have much more control and knowlegde of What i have to do next Day. Plus I have time, because the only thing I have to do is sleep
Oscar B.
I write my to do in the morning. I used to write it at night but I realized that i was making it way too long or had too many unimportant tasks included in my list. when I write it in the morning, I feel an urge to prioritize and make more realistic goals for the day.
Ramiro S.
I make my todo every evening usually as last thing before bed. Than I wake up and I'm ready to start achieving my tasks
Franklin P.
I write mine in the morning. I find that I’m more realist about time than I am at night. I also wrote my to-do based on the night before and the morning I’ve had.
Elusa I.
I do it in the morning because then I feel like I’m putting the day’s best energy toward it, instead of like, oh, well, I made this of things for myself to do yesterday, guess I gotta do em
Sarah C.
Making a to-do list habit can be hard! I struggle as well with what time I should make mine.

Here's what I'm trying to do right now: At night I try to check my big monthly calendar and write down anything I NEED to remember on a whiteboard I keep next to it – appointments, pick up Rx, call mom, etc… (I feel like this helps me keep important stuff in mind, and gives me a quick estimation of how to structure the next day.) Then in the morning before work, I write my to-do and include what's on the whiteboard.

I've also tried to stop writing Every. Little. Thing. Down. I try to be more broad in the descriptions. Example of an old list: Put laundry in washer, put laundry in dryer, fold laundry, put away laundry. Example of a new list: Do laundry, put laundry away.

I used to think being more detailed would make me feel like I had accomplished more, but I've realized it just cluttered up the lists and made them look impossible to finish. Some things do need to be detailed, but I've found for a lot of things – regular, routine things – less detail is better. I don't like to be micromanaged by others, so why would I micromanage myself?

For me, this stuff seems to help make the actual process of writing and organizing lists less overwhelming and tedious.

Stephen P.
Writing a to do list is a great start to productivity! Try this: After writing your to do list circle or highlight one task that is most important or valuable for you to complete. If you can’t complete the task in the same day, spend 10 minutes on it every day until it’s done. Slow and steady usually cultivates consistency. Good luck!
Klaus Michael J.
I write out my schedule and any todos the night before. Then in the morning I review the list as motivation to get out of bed.
Flora J.
Early morning todo list is important. All you can do is you can review your todo list in evening and alter it if you want to.
Mandy W.
I do the morning. I do it right before I check email or Facebook (which I use for work), so I can add to it if any tasks come from there, and then I start my day.
Marilou U.
In the morning or when I've finally settled at the desk. I've tried phones app to do lists to help reduce paper but they end up getting ignored and forgotten. Often, the list is in my head until I get distracted by something else that needs doing too