Do you set aside time on Sundays to plan out the whole week or do you plan one day at a time? Why does that work for you?

Filippa A.
If my next week(s) has a lot of deadlines or if I'm going to be very busy, I tend to plan it out on the previous Friday (or the next busy weeks, replanning every Friday). I feel that it gives me a good overview of what needs to be done.
I still do plan each day the previous night or the same morning, because things pop up unexpectedly and plans change.
I end up having my week sketched out on a big white board in my room, with deadlines and events in purple and a daily objective in red. I keep it simple and then make it more detailed on my daily plan
Lia S.
I keep my calendar on my phone with things like appointments and things I have to go do but when it come to daily things like chores and things around the house I plan that every morning
Levi F.
I set my plans one day at a time because I may have some plans added and some plans cancelled for some days if I plan it out the whole week.
Javier Z.
I try to plan ahead for the week but with 5 kids who all have emotional and developmental and behavioral issues, sometimes its easier to do one day at a time
Abbie T.
Inset aside time on a Sunday because I am not good at handling the unexpected. So I plan out my week (esp. food shopping and preparation) and leave some contingency during the week « just in case ». What works for you?

Good luck on your journey.

Teod Sio T.
I plan out a day at a time. I would like to plan the whole week on Sunday. I feel like it would help me focus on my long-term goals, and maybe also be more realistic about how long it will take to accomplish certain things. Ideally, I’d like to plan out my whole year and then break it into smaller, bite-sized pieces.
Rika P.
Since I rely on people, I choose to plan my activities for the day every morning.
Plus that, I don't like the idea of respecting a plan for a week.
Ida A.
A plan a whole week based off my major goals. I ask myself: What is the #1 non negotiable task for the day? I fill each day with one major goal for a week and adjust as I go each day. This works for me because I can see the bigger picture (what I value and what is time sensitive) while simultaneously attending to the smaller details (focusing on 1 day at a time). It brings me peace of mind for a busy schedule and I notice I accomplish more (the less time sensitive tasks like dishes and laundry) by focusing on what’s most important!