I don’t have any problem in writing the tasks down I have a problem with executing them, how do you make yourselves do almost all of the things if not all that are on your to-do list?

Diocl Cia F.
I have learned about myself that I want do to a lot in a short amount of time. So when I make plans en write mine do list I calculate how much time each task will cost me en also I try to think about mine energy level so I will not overload myself. Less tasks on mine list give me more chance that I will succeed. Just focus on 3 major task for a day. It will be easier to achieve and than you will feel satisfied
Oliver W.
What seems to be the problem? Is there a specific reason why you can't complete the task?
Is it time?
Is it lack of resources?
Is it a lack of support from your peers?

Write down every single task you haven't finished and next to it write 1 excuse or a reason why you haven't completed it.

Now write next to it 2 reasons why you should have completed it, how it might have improved your life and 3 ways to actually do it.

Congratulations, you should now have the right attitude to approach any task.

Alo S E.
You make the execution of the things on your to -do list your ultimate goal. Try and find ways and means to make this challenge very interesting to do.
Albert G.
I use a notebook where I have to tick every box in the checklist. Also don't put to maney to do's for yourself. It has to be realistic. Good luck!
Valentina Y.
I have to CONSTANTLY refocus and remind myself of what the actual goal was. There’s nothing wrong with getting off track as long as you find your way back.
Zoe B.
Start off by making them small and easy. Once you start accomplishing them you’ll get a good feeling it’ll be easier to up the ante.
Do everything you can to make the task easy – for instance if you want to go to the gym in the morning, sleep in your gym clothes and put your trainers right by your bed.
You can also try the 5 second rule. Count down from 5 and on 1, start doing the thing. It’s really powerful, there’s YouTube videos by Mel Robbins (she’s awesome).
Reward yourself.
Clayton U.
I read that only list five or so items, and specify what the top #1s then 2s, … If the list is to long, it feels daunting.
El A P.
I have the exact same problem, some days I struggle to get to even one of the important tasks. I’ve found that for me, sometimes just getting started is the problem. Other days keeping focus is the problem.
For the first kind, I usually try to think what’s really stopping me from getting this done, what fear do I have that’s making me procrastinate and not do my tasks.
For the other kind, I recently started using the Pomodoro technique and it seems to keep me going for some time.
Not sure if this would work for everyone, but even with these there are still days I have with no actual productivity. Hope you find your path 🙂
Laura S.
I try to prioritize the most important tasks because I tend to write long to dos with too many things to reasonably complete.
Eva Z.
That’s great question – I have that same trouble. For me – I think that having someone I’m accountable to helps or a larger time limit as well.