Do you keep a list on your phone, a paper notebook or a personal planner? Do you feel that one method helps you the most? What is it?

Harry Q.
Sometimes I keep my list on my phone, mostly I have a handy notebook that I bring around, I also have a big notebook where I jot everything and anything down.

Steve B.
I've found notepad apps on my smart phone, particularly one allowing you to make checklists (i.e. can be easily marked off) incredibly useful for daily to do lists, which I think on and create the night before. Also have additional notepads for longer term tasks I need or want to do, and notes on various other things like ideas I get. In short for me my smartphone is great for these things, superior to paper I think. Only downside is danger of using phone a lot, which I'm trying to avoid atm, easy to get addicted to tech like this…

Mer X.
I use a paper notebook to write my to do list on. I feel wrinting on paper make me more focused and comitting to my duties. Unlike the phone, it has many other things that distract me.

Nicklas Y.
I keep a list in a small note book as to-do list , I also highlight the post important one and mark them as must-to-do list. But since I'm living in a bit family completing every task on my list is not possible and it makes me overwhelmed. But I try my best.

Naja Z.
I use a bullet journal. I had one before and it really helped me, but then I lapsed on it for a while, which highlighted the feeling of not having a clear picture of what needs to get done.
I switched to a weekly running task list instead of daily, because sometimes I can't get to them and rescheduling daily is demoralizing.
My daily entities are mostly events and the 3 gratitude points inspired by this app.

Mae J.
I make shopping lists on my phone but prefer to write my everyday to do list on a notepad so I can carry it around the house with me. I tend to leave my phone downstairs.