How should I write my to do list?

Joselindo Y.
Using pen and paper. I use a post-it/A5 sheet that I divide into 3 sections:
– Work Todo List
– Meetings
– Personal

Each entry is preceded by a square. Then I add the ABC classification in front of the square and am ready to go.

Each time I complete an item I tick the square and cross it off my list.

In the evening I peruse the list and my agenda to prepare the following day’s list. Everything I haven’t done I just copy (write again) making sure it is still valid and that it’s formulated understandably. I add a mark at the end of each entry I haven’t finished, so I can keep track. I also have a backlog I can take items from as time goes by.

Kenneth B.
Plan the day the night before.Fine tune it the next day during morning routine.this will both be a memory tool and a motivator.

August P.
I use Evernote. I divide everything into notebooks e.g. To-Do Today / Work To-Do and a Journal (for my passions). I also use it for planning my training. I have it all in one place.

Jason F.
It really depends on you, for me I write one out in an agenda/planner. Then I remind myself to look at it throughout my day to ensure I'm accomplishing the tasks or things I want to get done. I also ensure that my entire week is written out that way I have an idea of the things I want or need to get done are laid out for me, of course I adjust as needed or as as new things come up after my list is written.

Urbano Q.
“There’s no wrong way to eat a Reeses”. Just as there’s no wrong way to write down our tasks. The writing of the list can be done in anyway that delights because the objective is to simply write them down. Often we let the perfect become the enemy of the good. There’s no perfect here. Just write and hone the process as you run into your own specific problems. The biggest challenge is in execution of the list. There’s no magic in the list that will create motivation for you to act on them. However narrowing the list to the three most impactful things can turn an overwhelming list into something that feels and is much more actionable.