How many things do you usually have on your to-do list? I seem to write down everything and then my list is long and overwhelming. I am able to prioritise them but I always feel bad about the items I haven’t checked off for the day. Would it be better to have a weekly to-do list rather than a daily one? What works for you?

Lauren G.
I use the 1-3-5 method, where I have one big thing that's my priority, then three medium things that need to get done but are not quite as important, then five small things that are lowest priority and usually lowest effort. That way I know what I need to get done and how I should allocate my time to do it.
Brita J.
I’m ADHD and Bi-polar so mine has to be day to day to do lists because I could try to plan for the week but being ADHD our brains live in the moment so I could have a whole todo list and one distraction Will throw me off course. So I feel if I just have 3 major things I need to get done In the day I’m not as overwhelmed.
Alberte C.
I would just allow anything that didn't get done today to transfer over to the next days! That's why having a book collection of to dos is a great idea. Don't feel bad!
Alexis Z.
I do check my to-do list couple time a day and get most of them checked off. I believe daily to do list work for me but I would like to get a weekly or month to do with bigger projects.
Rose Marie W.
This is a good question! I have a written daily list I write out during the “Write To Do List” moment. I usually shoot for 7 items on the list, no scientific reason, I just like the number 7. I do think 7 is good because you still have to prioritize the top 3.

I also have a week “template”. Where I have things I plan on doing every week on the same day already on my “list”. Example:
M – Run, Groceries
T – Run
W – Climb
Th – Run, Bars

Then I can add things I know in advance, like a show or haircut.

Lastly I have a Year list of BIG events I want throughout the rest of the year. Like Thanksgiving with Family.

Best of Luck,

Ritthy E.
I have a small notepad that has weekly, daily and monthly options. I put a small amount on the daily one and then if I complete I start on what's left on my weekly one! The monthly one I save for big important tasks.
Nada M.
I jot down everything that needs to be done. Prioritise the first three or five and schedule my time around them. For the rest, I do them if I can, if not they carry over to the next day. But never I feel bad about not finishing the whole list. The list is about organising my thoughts. It is a tool not an end in itself.
As for weekly lists, it might be a good idea but my life is not that orderly yet.
Isa A.
I have a daily list but sometimes it is too long and it does get overwhelming when I don’t finish it. So I make sure that it gets checked off within that week, which is almost like a weekly list. The daily list just helps me get started when I have too much to do and don’t know where to begin. Good luck
Gild Sio F.
I do a weekly plan with the daily chores etc. Planning out the week gives space for each minor tasks. Then I have 2 or 3 tasks a week which os out of the ordinary. Eg. Buying shoes or fixing the bike etc