How many to do items should I limit myself to writing every day so I don’t get so overwhelmed and feel dejected?

Dulcilene Q.
I try to keep it down to three or four, and then I put a timeframe next to each one. It’s hard, because I’m in the mindset that everything is of equal importance, but my procrastination shows me it’s not true! Do what’s urgent and important to your goals first.
Noah P.
I try and limit to around three. Never more than 5. If I have 5 I find which ones I don't have to have done by tomorrow and then move them. I also find it helpful to write down the steps if I am finding them overwhelming.
Alberte C.
I have an electronic todo list. I organize them by type and by today, tomorrow, this week, next week and this month and on hold. I can have as many as there is to think about and do. However, I always pick the top three todos for today . Usually they are important but not urgent.
Onildo Z.
Make your to do list a list of things you know you have the time to accomplish in the day and maybe make a separate list of “stretch” things you would like to accomplish if you had more hours in the day. That way you set realistic expectations for yourself but still get to joy everything down that you need to do.