How do you write an achievable to-do list?

Justine E.
Breaking down goals and objectives into subgoals and smaller parts, which individually feel like an aspect of the goal is taken care of, e.g. cleaning the house, divide into rooms, or even job type (dusting, mopping, vacuuming, etc)
Andrea Z.
I use my Buller Journal to write down all my task, and now I started set priorities to all my task. Task with the highest prio are usually related with my quaterly goals, so I know that by doing them I get closer to my finish my goals.
Chloe G.
Often I write down everything I want to do once a week at the start of the week (Sunday for me), then spend a little time arranging it by how hard it will be and how soon it needs done, and if any of it is time limited (is it a call I can only do in work hours, for example?). This helps me spot things that aren’t that important, and what tasks will take the most time, and if any need to happen certain days. Then I keep this big list around- trying not to add to it- and pull three tasks out a day to do! After those, if I’m up for it, I look at more tasks one by one. The next week I start a new list and see if any tasks from the old one need to come over, or if actually it turns out they didn’t need fussing over after all.
Julie E.
First I just write everything that I have to do that comes to my mind. Then, I separate what takes less than 5 minutes (-) from the other activities (+). After that, I take the 2 lists and determine what is urgent (A) and what is important (B) from the rest (C). Taking a look at the urgent list, I highlight what is also important (AB). The important and urgent things that takes less than 5 minutes to be done (AB-) are to be done first. Then, I do the important things that take less than 5 minutes to be done (B-), followed by the urgent things that take less than 5 minutes to be done (A-). After that, I prioritize the urgent and important things that needs to be done and takes longer than 5 minutes (AB+), followed by the important things (B+), and then the urgent ones (A+). I also make sure that the things that needs to be done are displayed in my calendar according to the time they will take me to do, and the day they are to be done. This way I have a visual idea of my week and time (I use Cooor Block Calendar for that).