How many tasks do you put on your to-do list per day?

Lice P.
At least 3 things. Even simple tasks. Or thing that are not chores, but enjoyable things, for example reading a few pages of a new, entertaining book. Or going on a walk, exercising for 20 minutes, etc. It doesn't have to be always big, overwhelming tasks.

Keilahna Z.
I have 3 separate to do lists for each day. I have one dedicated to school which helps me to keep track of assignments, meetings, and important tasks for the day. The number of tasks on this to do list changes and depends on what all I have going on that week. The second to do list is a self care one which helps remind me to take care of myself and my needs amongst the chaos of college. That ranges from 6-15 tasks, but some of these tasks are just reminders to brush my teeth or take my meds in time. The final to do list is for chores and errands, and the number of tasks depends on the day and what I have going on that week. However, these aren’t set in stone. The only tasks that I make sure I absolutely get done are assignments and meetings. Everything else is an option for if I find free time or if I get bored and can’t figure out what to do.

Seth Q.
Anywhere from 3-7. It all depends on how much I have to do that day, and what is prioritized. I try to get them all completed in a day, but don't be afraid to pace yourself. Stretch them out over the whole day instead of cramming them into one little timeframe. Do some in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening before bed.

Xiomara Z.
I put all the tasks I can possibly think if that need to be completed. I only commit to one. If I have more energy, I continue down the list, buy I consider myself accomplished if I get one thing done.

Sophie U.
I put atleast a minimum of 2-3 things to start with, like simple chores around the house. If I need to add more it's definitely for school.

Marina O.
It depends of the day/week and the area I need to focus. As an example, if I have to do a daily cleaning in the kitchen, I usually write down 5-6 basic tasks to do, the essential and urgent. With that I'm able to do other things and don't feel anxious.

Ala Des E.
my to-do lists can get pretty long for two reasons:
1. I like to put down everything that I need to action. Even things like going to the gym or doing house work, alongside things I need to do for university, etc. When I get to tick off those boxes, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment, making me happier and more productive.
2. I always prioritise my list, so that tasks that are the most urgent and pressing get done first. There is always tomorrow to finish off what doesn’t get done, but knowing what needs doing is the first step to getting it done.

Guterre Y.
Minimum is 5. Depending on my energy levels could be up to 20. Average is about 10. But I break everything down into baby steps

Adeodato P.
I always try to have a minimum of 4 tasks. However it all depends if my to do list is during the weekend or week days.
When creating a to do list it is important to don't put too much as it needs to be achievable. If I'm at work I know I only have my break and evening to make it happen. During the weekend I have the whole day. It's all about creating a realistic target.

Kaitlin Q.
I actually keep two to-do lists. A master and a "today" list. Every morning, I look at my master list and create the today list. Instead of just making a simple list, I make time frames. For example, my to-do list might look like this: 7-8a answer emails and create to-do list, 8-8:30 payroll, 8:30-9a prepare presentation, 9-12 present, 12-12:30 lunch, 12:30-1 answer more emails, 1-3:30 deep project work (w/ 15 min break) –side note, I do get specific here about what project I'm working on and how far I plan to get–, 3:30-4 clean off desk & go home!

Matthew U.
Probably about 2 a day. I tend to do basic things like Go shopping and collect xyz. I use my to do list to remind myself to do things I've been putting off which I know I can tick off eventually

Mikkel C.
The most essential tasks are up to 3 no more, the rest like eat,workout,shower,check on friends…really vary according to how much time i got left. Just be logical and do not overwhelm yourself. To-do lists are meant to simplify your life.

Jamie Z.
As many as I can – around 10 at least. I include small tasks because it's really satisfying being able to tick them off, and it motivates me to do other tasks on the list. "Brush teeth" and "wash face" are two different items even though I do them consistently at least twice a day and at the same time. It just makes me feel better about getting on with my day, and is especially helpful in depressive episodes

Zuleica F.
I put task as per my schedule like 1st drink warm water 2nd workout 3rd cold bath 4th breakfast 5th go to clg 6th play basketball 7th get freshed and relax 8th study 9th dinar 10th for 1km walk and then last one is to meditate and go for bed.

Anoushka I.
I limit myself to a maximum of 2-3 major tasks on a per day basis. That way, I get to allot more time to a task rather than rushing through all of them. And along with them I add a few minimal recreational tasks like wash my hair, read a few pages of my current read, nap which allows me to get more items ticked off my list. So like this, even if I didn’t get all/majority of my major tasks I get the feeling of being productive and I don’t start overthinking because of the guilt. I time myself better the next day without the guilt buildup.