How many tasks do you put on your to-do list per day?

Tars Cio I.
I personally like to have lots of things to do however, I recommend starting with one or two tasks a day and then if you want to you can add more. I don't recommend adding more than six tasks a day. I hope your journey goes well!🤍
Lice P.
At least 3 things. Even simple tasks. Or thing that are not chores, but enjoyable things, for example reading a few pages of a new, entertaining book. Or going on a walk, exercising for 20 minutes, etc. It doesn't have to be always big, overwhelming tasks.
Keilahna Z.
I have 3 separate to do lists for each day. I have one dedicated to school which helps me to keep track of assignments, meetings, and important tasks for the day. The number of tasks on this to do list changes and depends on what all I have going on that week. The second to do list is a self care one which helps remind me to take care of myself and my needs amongst the chaos of college. That ranges from 6-15 tasks, but some of these tasks are just reminders to brush my teeth or take my meds in time. The final to do list is for chores and errands, and the number of tasks depends on the day and what I have going on that week. However, these aren’t set in stone. The only tasks that I make sure I absolutely get done are assignments and meetings. Everything else is an option for if I find free time or if I get bored and can’t figure out what to do.
Seth Q.
Anywhere from 3-7. It all depends on how much I have to do that day, and what is prioritized. I try to get them all completed in a day, but don't be afraid to pace yourself. Stretch them out over the whole day instead of cramming them into one little timeframe. Do some in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening before bed.
Isaac F.
I usually put about 10 task on my to do list everyday and on my bad days I usually just put down 1 or 2 and try and focus on my mental health and family for that day
Xiomara Z.
I put all the tasks I can possibly think if that need to be completed. I only commit to one. If I have more energy, I continue down the list, buy I consider myself accomplished if I get one thing done.
Mc Kenzie F.
10-12 and usually 8-10 are tasks i can easily complete and that are solidified into my routine. i gradually add in new habits over time
Harmen F.
A valid question. I manage multiple projectd during the day. Most of these projects have their own lists, which often are just steps to take. So I don't actually write down most of my list, I just follow the steps described by the projects.
Wbab N.
I depends on my mood and on what I have to do this day. But I frequently put 3 or 4 tasks on it. For exemple, today I have 4 tasks to complete. I need to take a shower and self care; I’ve to call my grandma; to find coaching podcasts and to work :))
Caleb E.
The night before I try and write one or two general goals, like spend some time with my hobby, or clean a room. Then the morning of more specific things like errands. A total of 3-5 which I try and revise after work.
Nicholas Z.
Clean litter trays, medicine the sick cats, hoover the floor, mop, cook food, feed the cats, change the cat water, sort the bed out, take out trash, do the dishes, do the laundry and fix fans for the bedroom each night
Nicole T.
I just put 3 things in my to-do list. As times are hard i try not to put any extra pressure on myself. These times have made me as cringe as it sounds question a lot of things. I don't have the energy or ambition or passion to do things these days so i take it slow.
Sami J.
I usually have 1 or 2 major tasks that I HAVE to do and then 2 or 3 tasks that I aim to do and 1 or 2 other tasks that Might be done.
Evi B.
I aim for 3 tasks. I don't write down my everyday tasks, like walking the dog or doing groceries. I also try to think ahead when I make my to do list. Do I have a long day? Then I try to make the tasks smaller. Plenty of time? More or bigger tasks.
Zuleica F.
I put task as per my schedule like 1st drink warm water 2nd workout 3rd cold bath 4th breakfast 5th go to clg 6th play basketball 7th get freshed and relax 8th study 9th dinar 10th for 1km walk and then last one is to meditate and go for bed.
Mangesh N.
At least 20. Most of which are repetitive in nature. Hence it seems as if i am accomplishing nothing. However; gives me a good understanding of what all I am supposed to do.
Plamena N.
I currently ( in my second week of the year, which is the second week that I’ve been using Fabulous ) have two very easily archiving goals on my mornings routine, three on my daily/ afternoon routine, that are also very basic and easy, and lastly in my night routine I have two goals that help me relax before I go to bed ( for examples, “unplug and disconnect” right before I go to sleep, helps me relax, clear my mind and get ready to rest ) My point here is that It’s easier to archive something and make progress step by step, starting easy and SMALL… Because if you feel overwhelmed or struggle with completing everything that you have set for the day, at the begging, a progress will be harder.
Lauren O.
It varies, but I generally try to put 3-6 things. If I’m feeling unmotivated, I put easier tasks on my to-do list like making lunch. If it’s a long list, I try prioritise things so the ones that need to be done get done sooner and the others can move to the following day.
Sophie U.
I put atleast a minimum of 2-3 things to start with, like simple chores around the house. If I need to add more it's definitely for school.
Marina O.
It depends of the day/week and the area I need to focus. As an example, if I have to do a daily cleaning in the kitchen, I usually write down 5-6 basic tasks to do, the essential and urgent. With that I'm able to do other things and don't feel anxious.
Dennis N.
Hii, 8 – 9 but usually I don't count I just think in the things I want to do! Usually I put my meals, my yoga, my time with a love one, if I want to read or write something and etc. Think with your heart and your mind to see what's better for you!
Kelly Z.
Good question, I put them all on my list. What I’ve learned is to take it easy on my approach. What is truly important or crucial to my immediate goals. Now that I’m clean and not using I have tons more time however I work a strong recovery program. I prioritize. I don’t add things to my daily tasks just for the sake of looking or being busy. Right now, learning balance is everything. I take time to write down everything but if something (goal, to do’s) can be pushed back I push it back. I don’t procrastinate on the A list items but the C& D list wishes/ items don’t make my
Jordan J.
I don't have a set amount. But I do try to take into consideration if it's possible or even reasonable to complete so many within my particular day. For example I work from 9-2 but I'm away from the house from 7:30-3:30. I have to cook dinner and have cook and serve dinner for my family and exercise. So during the work week I have about only 4 hours spread over my day to complete my tasks, but still needing down time. So, if the tasks take longer than 2-3 hours to complete, I have over filled my to-do list. Figure out what your allotted time frame is after considering your daily responsibilities, and how your to do list can fit into your day to day
Dana Y.
I only add a few tasks, between 3 and 5. It's usually about half and half hard set tasks and just things I personally want to do and improve on.
Katie P.
Probably too many. But some of them are so easy and simple. It feels good to cross them off. When I do a task that’s not on the list and I don’t have the chance to cross it off, for some reason, that feels less productive.
Ala Des E.
my to-do lists can get pretty long for two reasons:
1. I like to put down everything that I need to action. Even things like going to the gym or doing house work, alongside things I need to do for university, etc. When I get to tick off those boxes, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment, making me happier and more productive.
2. I always prioritise my list, so that tasks that are the most urgent and pressing get done first. There is always tomorrow to finish off what doesn’t get done, but knowing what needs doing is the first step to getting it done.
Noelle X.
It depends on much I need to get done, things that need to be taken care of that day and how important it is to do it. I usually have 5+ tasks per day, sometimes it is about my health. Some are about cleaning or chores and some of just fun things to do to get off my phone and quit me from sitting around all day. I create tasks that will help me stay healthy, neat and tidy, and help have a sense of creativity and to learn about my surroundings off the phone.
Jacob Y.
I usually think about the things I need to get done by the day. Then I classified them in most important and urgent ones to the less important and urgent ones, that way I can prioritize the important and urgent ones to get done first. So, in short I put more or less, four to five tasks per day 🙂
Tiffany P.
I'll try to usually do three but then the inner power and he says go ahead and do seven. It on a really good day I get three tasks done usually.
El Ides S.
I aim for three. I believe that a few tasks I know I can complete, is better than one big task I cannot manage. On the other hand, too many makes me demotivated. If I finish all three, though, and still have energy for more, I add another task from my list of previously uncompleted ones.
Guterre Y.
Minimum is 5. Depending on my energy levels could be up to 20. Average is about 10. But I break everything down into baby steps
Olivia N.
As a minimum I try to get at least 3 productive, quantitative things. Then I add a few goals for myself that go towards my self care. So in total about 3-6 things on my to-do list
Rowayda L.
One or two important tasks per day so i must do these tasks but I add more tasks maybe reaching 7 or 8 tasks per day
cuz i put tasks for each aspect of life and some of my tasks are everyday tasks like washing dishes.
Selma U.
I put 3 tasks as I know if I make a huge to do list with lots of tasks I will regret not doing even 1 of those tasks. I hope this answers your question
Kidri N.
I start with about 4 tasks, then add more according to the circumstances
(such as a newly assigned homework) later on during the day.
Delmiro Y.
Depends on a day, but it’s usually 5-10 tasks. Some big tasks are having subtasks. This way I appreciate every small progress and keep it achievable without losing motivation
Roswita G.
Personally, I write down everything that's due in the next month or so and categorise it by how urgent it is. Group A is for work due that same day or in the next few days, Group B is for work due later on but is long to do so it must be started earlier, and Group C is for work that is not due any time soon and is not difficult to do.

I do my best to get whatever is in Group A done and break it up with Group B & C work along with breaks to make it less tedious. How much I do depends on what I need to do and how much motivation I have at the given time.

Keshav F.
I usually put a lot of tasks on my tp do list, but in reality I follow only some of them or none of them throughout the day. I'm very poor in diligence and consistency so I can hardly keep up to the to do lists.I still try to do around 3 to 4 tasks on my to do list of 8-10 tasks each day, and I'm improving day by day.
Rachel F.
I honestly put whatever pops into my head on my to-do list. It can be 5 things or 20. There is no limit to the size of the task. I get satisfaction crossing things off, so having small easy things make that satisfaction easier to obtain. I also know to have grace with myself and know I may not get to everything, and it’s ok. Thaw world
Izolina N.
I would put round 9 tasks making sure the most important and urgent ones comes first while the important but not urgent come last
Lois E.
I have started out with 3 tasks per day for 3 reasons:
1. Having a small number of goals means you can give more time to each goal
2. The goals are more attainable and measurable
3. Once I complete all of the goals, I feel very satisfied
Michelle Q.
I use the 80/20 rule. 80% of my to do tasks are tasks related to my spirituality, mind and body. 20% is dedicated to my necessary worldly tasks.
Kaiden W.
The number changes each day. The one thing I recommend is not necessarily focusing on everything all at once but breaking down tasks and setting specific time frames to get things done. I set larger times than necessary because if I get the task done faster than the time I have set, I feel as if I've accomplished much more. I also try to reward myself for the tasks that I did complete during the day instead of focusing on the ones I may not have fully been able to complete. If there are tasks that didn't get completed on my list, I save them for the list of the next day's tasks. To-do lists for me are organized based on the importance of each tasks as well as the length of time it will potentially take to do them.
Neelam A.
I usually only have 5 tasks on my list, the "must do" tasks. You only have x amount of time in a day. So adding more tasks just add extra pressure. But if you do have a longer task list, the tasks that you continually leave till last are either not important or difficult, so they should be tackled 1st thing in the morning or left off your list completely.
Adeodato P.
I always try to have a minimum of 4 tasks. However it all depends if my to do list is during the weekend or week days.
When creating a to do list it is important to don't put too much as it needs to be achievable. If I'm at work I know I only have my break and evening to make it happen. During the weekend I have the whole day. It's all about creating a realistic target.
Hugo O.
I try to keep 3 lists of what I need to do. One is a complete dump of everything for the week, one is a select few I think I might be able to do that day (5-10) and out of that list I pick the top 3 to focus on. If I don't get through the whole day's list, I pick the most important things left and put them in the top 3 for tomorrow. That way it's not a big deal if I don't get everything done, but I also know what else I can work on if I've finished my top 3 early.
Allison Y.
I try not to put too many but I always do. So my goal is to out stuff in the list I'd like to prirotize then I edit the list till it's functional. Then I work to not judge myself if I didn't finish everything.
Adrianna S.
It depends on how many tasks I have to complete during the day. However, when it comes to completing any tasks I always set a time frame to get certain tasks done & I also try not to complete them all at once so that not only can I maintain my energy but also to not wear myself out. Also, when it comes to fulfilling any tasks I have I set a timer to rest, to spend time off my phone & to engage in something else. Also, don't try to rush through each task because you don't want to finish off a task sloppy & half finished. Instead, immerse (focus on what you're doing & not allow any distractions to creep in), and if they do reimerse yourself back into what you were doing. at the moment & be mindful as well as intentional in what you're doing as well as be open to learning something new from whatever task you completing.
Grace X.
From waking up to going to bed, it's 8 or 9 tasks. As very daily tasks like brushing teeth and taking shower is difficult for me. When i do it, i feel energy and confident.
Olivia R.
For those who struggle with the inability to "do": I usually try to do 3-5 things done everyday. I like to call my list "things to accomplish" because for someone like me it's hard to remember all the things you can do. Just because you can.
L Ily N.
I usually put a lot of tasks on my to do list. A lot of them are things I need to catch up on. Some of them are unnecessary tasks. From experience, start of with putting very few, but large and important tasks down. Then elaborate.
Kiara E.
Honestly, I put as many as I can think of. I will put a mark next to the top 3 I want to do right away or are most important. Whatever doesn't get finished gets transferred to the following day. I do this everyday. My list never runs out but it keeps me productive. I can then easily see what's being neglected, determine why, and make better use of my time. Plus sometime I forget things I need to do. So keeping it in the forefront of my mind is great! Lists are the best 💗☺️
Eva O.
5, 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon and 2 for the night, I find it easier to keep going if I commit to less habits until I've built a foundation
Kaitlin Q.
I actually keep two to-do lists. A master and a "today" list. Every morning, I look at my master list and create the today list. Instead of just making a simple list, I make time frames. For example, my to-do list might look like this: 7-8a answer emails and create to-do list, 8-8:30 payroll, 8:30-9a prepare presentation, 9-12 present, 12-12:30 lunch, 12:30-1 answer more emails, 1-3:30 deep project work (w/ 15 min break) –side note, I do get specific here about what project I'm working on and how far I plan to get–, 3:30-4 clean off desk & go home!
Eileen W.
About 5 to 7. I don’t like to pressure myself a ton but I enjoy a nice challenge. If I complete it, I feel satisfied. If I don’t I say to myself that I will try harder next time and that I shouldn’t give up.
Alexandra P.
I mostly put 7 to 8 task a day in my to-do list. You can start with 3 to 5 tasks at the beginning. See if you are able to finish all those. Better if you mark ✔️ in green if it's done and cut the task with red pen or pencil if you couldn't do it. Try again next day. Keep trying. There will be a day when there will be ✔️ before all of your tasks 😀
Mia E.
I put as many things that I need or want to accomplish in that day. But I do the urgent ones first, so that I can make up the less important ones the next day if I run out of time.
Andreas C.
As many as I can think of, but that doesn't mean I do all of them. That's never happened yet. I keep flexibility in my to-do routine so that I'm not bound by a stringent set of tasks to abide by; I can do whatever my mood suggests out of those tasks.
Aribert J.
It depends on the day. During the weekends I try to put as many chores as possible, whereas on weekdays I focus on studying and having a proper sleeping schedule.
Ava Q.
I generally put 2~3 tasks on my to-do list, because they are easier for me to follow and manage time to complete them throughout the day. If i do tasks more than 3, it create a bungle in my mind and i am unable to complete them on time. So i think it's better for me to follow and work for precise number of tasks.
Kurt F.
usually i write everything down i need to finish by the end of the week, which is a lot of things. even though i know i won’t finish them that same day, i feel it saves time and is also more satisfying to see a long list of checked off boxes at the end of the week
Rasmus Z.
My tasks consist of the simplest and the smallest of all. I believe in doing the hard and achieve the greatest success. When you start listing down the tasks, take it down seriously and consciously thereby promising to do them anyhow. Thus, listing tasks down is also important. The deadline is more important than the time you start. I comprehend my tasks in 3-4 tasks that's and it consists everything I need to achieve in the future.
Matthew U.
Probably about 2 a day. I tend to do basic things like Go shopping and collect xyz. I use my to do list to remind myself to do things I've been putting off which I know I can tick off eventually
Katrina Y.
I follow the 1,3,5 method. 1 must do(big task). 3 tasks that need to be done(medium tasks). And 5 nice to do(small tasks)
Debbie Ann C.
I put at least 3 things on my to do list. Then I try to have 3 things to complete in the week not daily so If I feel like I can do more that day, then I will do a bit off my weekly to do list.
Anoushka I.
I limit myself to a maximum of 2-3 major tasks on a per day basis. That way, I get to allot more time to a task rather than rushing through all of them. And along with them I add a few minimal recreational tasks like wash my hair, read a few pages of my current read, nap which allows me to get more items ticked off my list. So like this, even if I didn’t get all/majority of my major tasks I get the feeling of being productive and I don’t start overthinking because of the guilt. I time myself better the next day without the guilt buildup.
Harper N.
On the week days I usually put my school assignments or any appointments I have to go to. On the weekends I usually don’t put much.
Mikkel C.
The most essential tasks are up to 3 no more, the rest like eat,workout,shower,check on friends…really vary according to how much time i got left. Just be logical and do not overwhelm yourself. To-do lists are meant to simplify your life.
Godofredo Y.
Since I don’t use the premium, I use up to max as possible and se mental notes to carry out the day. But it would be a better catch if there were to be fove tasks set instead of four.
Maroua R.
I plan all my action the day before i make a smoth plan witch i can do 90% of the task at the average, i put about 20 task to 18 , but at the side i write the 3 or 4 most important things that let me say I'm done with today if i did them , and that make me feel better. But when i finish the day and i didn't did them it's so important to them tomorrow beside tomorrow's tasks.
Laly E.
I write every single task I can think of, and then I start targeting the easy ones, leaving the more complex tasks last, which often make it to the following day’s list.
Jamie Z.
As many as I can – around 10 at least. I include small tasks because it's really satisfying being able to tick them off, and it motivates me to do other tasks on the list. "Brush teeth" and "wash face" are two different items even though I do them consistently at least twice a day and at the same time. It just makes me feel better about getting on with my day, and is especially helpful in depressive episodes
Ana O.
Three. This is a good number to use so it’s not too much but still a small challenge. By choosing a smaller number of tasks, it almost guarantees you’ll do what is required of you. It also changes your to do list from an overwhelming list of everything you want to to do, to a simple list of everything you need to do today only. Tomorrow will have its own requirements.
Freddie Q.
I divide my tasks into 3 categories. The top 3 are what I need to get done most. How much else I list depends on what I want to finish and how much time each task will take. For example, I won't put 9 hour long tasks down for an 8 hour workday. If I don't finish a task, I put it on the next day's todo list.
Phillip E.
It depends on your activity for the day and what u want to achieve for the day. I have up 8 or more…. U get.
So, when you get up in the morning, map out everything u want for the day then break them into small steps by writing it on a paper.