How do you keep track of things that you want to get done but not necessarily today?

Nika F.
With app "habits", when I talk about routines, and I count on my memory if it is necessary to do a single thing. I am not a busy person, so this is easy
Alexandra G.
I usually write the things that I want to do this week on a Post – it note and stick it on the wall, in front of the desk, (because it's the place where I spend the most of my time during the day) I suggest you to stick the Post-it note in the room where you spend more time. In this way you will remember to do that thing every time that you will see it.
Robert Z.
I have “wish lists” in my phone in different categories of things I want to get done in general with no time line. Things that need to get done within the week are written down in my day planner and moved to each day until I complete them.
Shea N.
I have sticky notes in every room in my house with a pen. That way everywhere I am if I think of something I can write it down. At the end of the day I look at my sticky’s and write down important ones on my todo list in my notebook.
Trishna E.
I use an app called Todoist to keep track of my tasks, but sometimes I use regular paper too. If I have something that isn’t urgent but still has to be completed someday, I’ll keep it on that day’s list but keep it at the lowest priority and not set a time block for that task. If I complete all of my tasks for the day and I’m still feeling productive, I’ll go ahead and get working on that task as well, so I won’t procrastinate later on.
Carl W.
I use an app called Todoist where I sort all tasks into categories and get them done as I find the time. Some tasks are left indefinitely though.
Adiel I.
If it is a thing need a long time to finish, I will separate into several little jobs that I could finish it easily. I will also think about if I don't finish a part of it , tomorrow will be more tired and more hard for me.
Robert E.
I have different lists of tasks that I check periodically (weekly or monthly). I put them in a calendar entry that gives me a reminder either weekly or monthly. As I finish those tasks, I move them to the bottom (my “DONE” list).

And then I copy that to a word document so I have a log of when I did stuff.

Daniel J.
I use a project management system with lists of lifetime, 3-year, 1-year, quarterly, monthly, and weekly goals. At the end of each time period I choose which goals I wanna work on during the next time period. So each Sunday I pick the projects I’m going to work on that week. I use but you could use any service or plain old lists if you want.
Marcele N.
I do a couple of things, really depending on what the “thing” that I need to do is and it’s timeline/nature. So sometimes I set reminders on my phone for a future time like a couple of days or the next day or a week- whenever I think I have the mental energy, time, etc to deal with whatever it is. I write it down sometimes in like a planner if it’s homework or something related. I have taken to writing stuff in big lists on sticky notes (currently 4 with half dozen assorted things written on each one) and stick them to my wall right under my light switch. I take a look at that and decide each day what if those I want/need to do. The things on those are everything from “organize jewelry” to “meditate”. It’s satisfying to cross stuff off but it is really messy. So overall there’s a lot of methods and it depends on the task or thing.
Gemma N.
Good question! Look up David Allen’s ‘getting things done’ method. It’s a game changer. There’s a system called a ‘tickler’ for keeping track of things to do in the future