How can I keep from overloading my to-do list?

Soham Z.
Start by writing down the most important things you have to get done by today, if needed put some subtasks to the important tasks.

Don't write down all the little things that are already in your system or items that are already part of an habit.

Signe F.
Make it scheduled through out the week. For example: my reports are due the 31st. I don’t have to get them done today but work on them a bit … an hour tomorrow, an hour Wednesday and so on.
Steven W.
overload it! and then only pick 3 things. You can do the next things only if you’re done with the 3 you picked.

another thing is to batch work. What items on todo are admin? put them on the same list and do them at a set time you choose. These sorts of tasks often involve a different mindset from your other work and doing them in one set period is actually more efficient… number or circle togetger in order of related types of tasks (pay bills, e-mail, sort), set a time limit, make some nice tea or coffee, and only do that time. By batching you reduce the overwhelm that inevitably happens from switching between tasks or different types of operation medium (email account? bank account?) each time. Websites seem easy, but each page does count as a separate mediums for your attention.

Jesus P.
Try to not put so much on your plate, focus on what you think you can get done, but don’t overload yourself because you might get to overwhelmed that’s happened to me, I try to do what I can