Do you order your to do list by priorities? Do you number your to do list by the highest priority to the lowest to ensure that you get the most important things done, and not waste time on smaller things?

Felix Z.
I write my to do list in the evening. One of the first things I do in the morning, is numbering it from 1-3 (1=to do first, because it is most important). After dinner I cross off everything that has been done.
Pearl G.
i write my to-do on an app. so it's easy to reorganize everything whenever i need to. if i was writing it on paper, I'd just write everything as it'd come to mind and then highlight or add a star or something to the most important. just to be sure i don't forget anything by forcing myself to write it in order.
Clifford Q.
I have 2 different to do list. Both are prioritized by most important first to least last. One list is for what I finish today and the other is a future (usual this month) list that is prioritized by whole event and then subdivided but steps which most be achieved in order for the whole event to be accomplished. The steps are transferred to my daily to do list as need to achieve the whole future event.
Lia O.
I don’t order my to do list beyond flagging the 3 most important things on it. Sometimes if several small but important tasks—like scheduling several meetings or replying to a few emails—I’ll bundle them into one.
Gwendolyn Q.
I do the A, B, C method with no more than 4 A’s. The C’s are usually very easy ones and I can usually get the A’s and C’s done
Mair Z.
Soms hebben wij alleen kleine dingen, die gedaan moeten worden anders word er geen puntje op de i.
Maar doel duidelijk tijd voor belangrijker dingen eerst.
Heather X.
I find it easier to rank them and the alternate between high and low rank. The low ranks are seldom as taxing so they function as morale boosters
Jacob Q.
Yes I do. I often organize tasks by their dates to complete them in order. Sometimes you do need to get the smaller ones done first but for me it's better to take care of the major ones first.
Danielle J.
It is also based on the time I need to do as well. If I have an item that would take only 5 mins versus 1 hour I would do the 5 min one if I don’t have much available time
Freddie J.
I write out my to do list and then think about what I need to get done. I then prioritise the items on there. I use the focused work habit to do the bigger/more important stuff done. In between I take a break, maybe make a cuppa and do something little. It just breaks it all up a bit.
Jeff C.
I asked a similar question to my business coach and the answer he gave is this.

Yes, it would be great if you could always write the highest priorities at the top.

If you have challenges in figuring out priorities, write down your all the todo items before going to sleep. And when you get up, look at the todo list and pick the 3-5 top priorities and highlight/underline it. Get that done before others.

Maja P.
I create my to do list by scheduling actions in my agenda.
While doing I start with the most important once, this way it is according priority.
Still there are some times I tend fo procastination and starting with the easier or more fun once – this I try to change.
Dursun O.
I always have a priority list in my head and on my most productive days I actually number them and stick to the list. Other days I fall into doing the easiest things first… which I often regret.
Jon U.
My to do List is a reflection of how my day should be ordered. Atimes, little things might be the most difficult task to execute yet very necessary. So, my list is structured according to task that needs settling no matter how small
Ricardo F.
It's important to do your most difficult task first thing in the morning or after your morning daily habits. Doing most difficult thing first is known as"eating your frogs first". This is important because it sets the tone of the day and tackles most challenging task when your mental powers are greatest. Then I organized my to do list using A/B system where A is higher priority. Sprinkle in fun activities like exercise or connecting with friends in between harder tasks