What do you stick to your to-do plan?

Vivan E.
How do I stick to my to do list? Or what do I use to write up my to do list? I’ll give you both.

I use a big spiral bound notebook. When I’m eat breakfast I think about what needs to be done that day. Appointments etc.

After breakfast, I use the notebook to write 1, 2, 3 in the middle at the top. Then I write down all the things I thought of I’d like to do that day.

I look at everything including appointments and decide what is priority #1. I don’t count appointments. They are just part of the day. I pick the hardest thing for 1 or the most time sensitive.

Then I add 2 and 3.

The things I don’t include in my top three? They’re on what I call my to do list, but the are not required. Only the top three are ones I’m going to push to do. And even #3 doesn’t get done sometimes.

I need flexibility.

Sometimes #1 ends up taking almost all day. Sometimes I don’t feel so good in the afternoon (too hot outside). I allow myself to make changes to the page.

I keep checking it throughout the day to see if I have forgotten anything. But it’s not something I’m going to use to beat myself up with. Life is not really something stable. Days aren’t always what we think they will be.

V Nea I.
I try to do it everyday to make it a routine. I acknowledge that it is self care and important to my overall wellbeing. Even in I'm only half committed sometimes I still with it.
Loan Z.
It seems you are referring to how I stick to my to-do plan. I write down my to-do somewhere I could see. I tick the item whenever I finish a task from the big to-do, those tick marks on to-do list makes me feel good. To be honest, I am not always successful in completing all my to-do which I assigned to myself on a particular day. I feel good for my achievement and stay positive for the next day. The idea is to not be hard on yourself and believing in yourself.Hope it helps.
Randy T.
When my to-do lists gets oppressive, I'll start over. I break things into lots of small (<10 min) tasks. I'll roughly group & order them, estimate how long it will take (sometimes 9 hrs or more), then I wake up in the morning & start doing them. Crossing off lots of tasks gives me incentive to keep going. Once the basics are in order, I feel great and it's easier to tackle things that once felt overwhelming.