Do you limit for number of items? Or put everything down? Perhaps also have a master to do list? How do you manage the bottomless to do list?

Johanna F.
I put down what I think I can actually get done. It’s always more than I actually do. My priorities are those that have a deadline.
Dwight Q.
I have been trying the ABC method of prioritizing items on my to do list. I started with a laundry list of to do’s and now pick the A items for today’s to dos if I finish those I go back and look at B items and add. I do add tasks to my current to do list so as not to forget when the thought comes up, but I put lower on the page. I guess it is like having a master to do list and taking the top 4 things over to the next day. Since I use a notebook and can flip pages it works for me but as I was typing this realize it may be cumbersome for some folks. Good luck!