At what time of day do you tend to perform the Write My To Do habit?

Vincent E.
On work days it’s either at home at 5:30, or if I’m running late, it’s the first thing I do when I get to my desk at 6:30, on weekends it’s around 8-10 depending on when I finish my morning routine
Thomas E.
I try to write my to do near the end of my day. I add stuff through the day but I tend to make sure I have everything in the evening.
Josiane Q.
I used to write this before I go to bed. I found that this habit clear things off my mind and allows me to sleep peacefully. My to-do list has two parts:-
1) raw to do list – I jot down everything I need to do on th to do list and classify them into 4 parts (important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important, and not urgent and not important).
2) calendar to do list – then I arrange my everyday schedule referring to the raw to do list.

I found this kind of to do list is more effective.

Heraldo C.
I do it in the evening for the next day and again in the morning. Always find thinga to add and remember.
I also add it to an app so i get reminders. It works for me
Rolf Dieter U.
I’ve been trying to do this earlier in the evening or late afternoon. Last week I was doing it as I got ready for bed and that caused my brain to get caught up thinking about things and made it harder to fall asleep or talk with my partner. So doing it before or after dinner seems to be working for me this week. Also, I love to use a special notebook and pens to remind myself that my to do list is worth high quality materials.
Malthe F.
Mostly I'm doing my To Do in the evening, before I go to sleep. Sometimes I'm doing during the day as well because maybe I wasn't able to do something that I wanted in a day, so I put it for the following day. I hope I helped you😊
Marciele E.
Honestly it varies. My work is flexible so I work odd hours so no matter what list it is on do it when it works for you on any given day
Polina Q.
I do it after I wake up but when I'm awake enough. I don't do a to-do list if I'm groggy. Because that's my list of the day, it doesn't make any sense to do it past the morning.
Kassiane Q.
Mostly during the evening routine at night before meditation and bed. But sometimes during the day when something arise and I can't do it at the moment, it goes to the "tomorrow" list
Izzie E.
I try to do a true brain dump every morning after breakfast. I time myself 10 minutes and just write whatever comes to my brain. I also like to do true journal responses in the evening before bed.
Bryan F.
As soon as I get work in the morning, I make myself a cup of coffee and write my to do list. Importantly, I do this before opening my email.
Tonya C.
In the evening, before bed. That way, I can de-clutter my mind before sleep and stress less, knowing that everything I need to remember is safely away for tomorrow's brain to look at.
Alison E.
When I sit down to work. At around 11 am. This is the first thing I do because it sets the tone for the day. I tried writing it an evening in advance but that relaxes me the next day because I feel I already know what needs to be done so I don't have the first thing to act on. I'd rather make a list in the morning, put it in important urgent quadrants and kick off the day.
Rick X.
At night time before bed. It helps to plan for the next day and keep reminding myself of what my goals are. This week I’m set to accomplish them, I’ve strived everyday to put time into my goals and completing them
Ellie P.
I write my to-do-list in the evening before i go to bed. It gives me time to think about it at night and prepare things needed for tomorrow activities.