How do you keep a goal that you’ve tried to achieve so many times and failed each time? How do you keep going toward that goal with a positive attitude?

Katerina T.
I fail at my goals all the time to I'm trying to succeed more often these days. If they are reasonable goals I just keep working at it –self -shaming doesn't help at all. If my goals are too lofty I scale back my goal.

Philip F.
I would try to incentivize it. Make it so you can't go to the next activity without completing that goal first. Make the reward something special and meaningful to you so you will want to complete that goal.

C Ndice P.
I just think about what I would be like when I have the habit going on everyday or whenever you are planed to do a habit

Nathan S.
I think it's less about trying to always be positive and more about being persistent no matter how you feel. Negative feelings are a part of life, so I think that acknowledging those feelings and then taking small steps towards your goal anyway will allow you to make progress, and over time you'll develop a new self-image as someone who succeeds at that goal.

Sofie Z.
I never give up. Simply, I am trying to be the understanding friend to myself in each failure saying that it is ok not to be successful this time but if you keep trying with small steps you will achieve!

Tiago P.
My father used to say concerning raising children, “reward successful approximations of the desired behavior,” meaning (I think) that the carrot works better than the stick, and you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar. I know that others are able to influence me in that way with kindness and encouragement, so that approach in itself has become a goal with me. I do fail over and over at, for example, getting the items on my to-do list done (even the ones I’ve marked important) and at meeting deadlines I’ve set for myself, and maybe this summer I’ll take the Fabulous Focus journey a second time as a refresher. But meanwhile not giving up is a goal I have met. Every day I do make the list, even if it’s virtually the same list. Most days I get *some*thing done. One of my goals is to be calmer and happier, and I feel I’m making progress on that one.

Jacob X.
Each time I fail to reach my goal, i start over with achieving it. Just because I didn’t make it within 2 weeks doesn’t mean I have failed. It’s just taking me a bit longer than I thought it would.

Suzanne F.
Well it depends. If i still wanna achive that goal, then I’ll keep trying but first I’ll just take a break. I few days without thinking about that goal. When u feel like u really wanna achive it again, start again. Ik it’s hard but “u wont regret reaching ur goal, but u will regret giving up and not trying harder” so dont be too hard on urself and try again but take some time first. Just some days or even a couple weeks or the time that u need

Stanley E.
Giving up completly means you given up, don’t give up, give credit for your attempts and celebrate every success no matter how “small”.

Focus on what you are doing well, even if it’s only the desire to do well.

Timing is everything and eventually the time will be right now.

Jorge E.
This is a good question, and the truth is…i haven’t really kept a goal. I have, although, started one that i’ve done for a while but recently began to forget. It truly is hard but my answer is to just tell yourself you’re going to do it. Look yourself in the mirror and promise yourself you’re gonna do it.

Felisberto Z.
I plan everything out. Remember your why and your how and write it down. Give yourself small rewards for small goals achieved like stickers on a sticker chart. Make the whole process fun.

Arlene T.
Well I start from the beginning if I can. I try to look at all the steps that I have previously taken and why I got the results that I did. Then before I restart any steps to get to my goal, I take a hard look at why I’m not succeeding and what I can do to change it going forward.