How do you make sure that some of your less important tasks on the list don’t end up being there forever?

Tarc Sio Y.
I thought making a Ulysses contract wouldn’t make a difference for me, but once I made it, I adjusted my list to manageable things because I didn’t want to fail in the eyes of others! That reaction surprise me also. I also did the pay commitment.
My advice? Make your list small, use the extra features within the app, and involve others in your journey!
Rich E.
That's a good one! Answering your question means answering a question I could’ve asked you myself. So the advice I'm going to give to you is one I'm about to test for myself: 1. Reconsider the importance of the task: Is it really important to you at all? 2. If it is, then treat it like one of those extremely important tasks that must be done/that you want to do at all cost.