I am going to be starting a new work schedule in 6 days in a different city and with completely new team at a new location. I am nervous about how I am going to try to stick to my current habits, routines, and rituals such as what I eat and how I exercise on a daily basis, with which I have been pretty successful in the last few months. I am thinking that starting today, I will try to simulate habits, routines, and rituals with my new work schedule which will start about 1.5 hours earlier than my current work day.I probably will be less nervous if I give myself a break and feel good about myself by simply sticking to my current routines and continue to try to develop a daily meditation routine.Does anyone have any other ideas to offer? It would be much appreciated!

Ronald F.
I think that is a great idea! One thing I have been doing lately is drawing out the full month schedule as a grid with all of my habits on the left column and all of the days in the top row and filling in the boxes with a different color for each day. It is kind of like that Jerry Seinfeld tip about making a long chain of Xs every day he writes. Kind of nice to get a break from the phone too. And then accounting for all in the app once a day.
Mille A.
I think you’re on a great track by establishing your routine before entering your new environment. I’d reflect on that list and anticipate any roadblocks and identify tasks. Do you need to find a new gym? Do you need to find the right grocery store? The sooner you can address those items, the easier it will be to stick to your routine. But also, don’t be afraid to be flexible and open to the new things this change can offer. Keep your goals in mind and enjoy your new opportunities.