How do I relearn how to have me time and not feel guilty that I’m not doing things that I “should” be doing instead that aren’t as important as I think?

Oc Ane S.
Think about those ‘important‘ things are they really that important considering that right now ur happier cos ur spending time for urself, r they more important than ur happiness in life? Lemme tell u, probably not! 😂 so tell urself they can wait cos right now ur happy and if anything takes it away from u then they aren’t worth the trouble right now. Even tho it’s not that good to procrastinate sometimes it’s ok and it’s better to. Carry on being a king/queen! 👑

Cecilie P.
You are the most important thing in your life. Regardless of what you have to do and how important that is if you don’t feel well enough or you are not healthy enough you won’t be able to complete as much as you could’ve when you feeling at your best. We produce more when we feel well.

Ross N.
You have to understand that you can do a good job only if you have enough energy. So work smarter and not harder and take care of yourself. Especially Mind and Body. If you have an injury you cannot perform good. And it’s the same with burnout or anxiety.

Becky X.
To know that this me time will be the motivator to let you do the more important things (or that you think is more important) way better and more efficient..

Annette X.
Its my believe that every time I spend is me time. Maybe you could figure out first what the things in your life are that you think off as not time for yourself and wonder why, if its a job or childeren that are concluded in this figure out how you can pinch in just 5 min when working or with childeren to close your eyes and breathe. Do something with the childeren that makes them have Some me time too (something creative or yoga together, sing together) maybe they pick up something that they rather do on their OWN aswell. When its work just take a walk of 5 minutes or do something just for you when you have lunch. When its not those two. Try to make the tasks so that you would think this is also just for me and try to enjoy what is is that you have to do. Take the way to your work or obligations to have me time (for me its on the bike with Some music on in just a fraction slower tempo). Also let people know: im taking a few minutes for myself Now. And take a look at your scedual and plan in that little time just for you. That makes the guilty feeling pop up less and gives you the time to reflect on the time you have and how you spend it. Dont make excuses for it (you dont need to tell anybody why you are taking Some time for yourself) its totally okay to tell someone and maybe you even inspire them to do the same.

Nicky Z.
Anytime you have that thought of feeling undeserving: balance It with a thought about something you’ve done nice for someone else so as to remind yourself ONLY that you also deserve nice things done for you, even if you’re the one who does them.

Godofredo O.
Me time is very very important for getting refreshed. I take it after I have completed a good amount of work I "should" be doing. That's how you don't feel guilty about it.