How many times do you manage to complete all the items on your to-do list?

Carl Schötz
Not often unfortunately. I think it’s more of time management issue than anything else but I do try to prioritize the most important things with the 80/20 rule. A time management journey would be great idea now that I think about it 💡

Renee Davidson
Never lol. I just migrate what is left to the next day. I usually concentrate on the one big thing and after that is done, the other 2 of top 3. Once those are done, the rest of the list I do at my leisure. Next day migrate what is not done and again go through TOP 3.

Klaus dieter Schwabe
Rarely to sometimes. I have a neverending to do list, and with little kids our days and nights are unpredictable. I have good intentions, but inevitably most nights when I finally get to bed my head is swimming with all the things that did not get done.

Karl-werner Utz
Very rarely. I tend to try to set up my to do list to be more aspirational than just the things I have to get done today. This way, if I happen to be more productive this day than usual, I have additional goals already established to move forward with. Nothing halts my productivity faster than having to figure out what to do next because often if I have space to pause that next thing will be Netflix! I know this won’t work for everyone – if you don’t go into it with the right mindset having too much on your list can be overwhelming, but it’s something I’ve found works for me.

Genesis Alvarez
So far none, I think I put too much things on my to do lists thinking that I can do all of them but end up getting distracted or loosing track of time