When do you write your to-do list?

Frederick O.
I write my to-do list in the evening, and the next morning I make a time schedule. I find it easiest to do the schedule the next day when I know my shape.
And the list in the evening when I know what I haven’t been able to finish during the day.
Elias C.
I write my to-do list after school so typically at like 3:00. But this is because I go to school so I don’t really have any tasks to do until like 3:00. As for someone out of school I would make a to-do list right after breakfast.
Amador Q.
Either before I go to bed or when I first get up. After I brush my teeth. I’m most alert and energetic after my first cup of coffee
Amaury Q.
It's the first thing I do when I start working. Sometimes that's right out of bed and other times it's after a long breakfast/morning routine, but it's always when my brain is ready to fire up and start engagement mode.
Harold O.
During "First Meal". I start to think of what I want on my list when I'm getting ready to start the day and then put it down on paper during first meal.
Katharina F.
I plan my major tasks ahead every week in my bullet journal.
Stuff that I need to get done in the next morning, I write the night before.
As a student, I write most of my tasks after I come back from school, while checking my “reminders” app in my phone, my bullet journal and the tasks I didn’t do the former day.
Villads W.
At night, but I review it every morning. I try to leave space to add things if I remember them in the morning when reviewing it.
Nicola P.
I update and determine by daily to-do list each morning. I use a digital list with a focus on today, tomorrow, this week and next week as when I will work on it.
Celine Z.
First thing in the morning OR last thing at night. I actually really enjoy writing my to do list, so I can’t decide when to do it.
Rhonda P.
I think of my to-do list the moment I wake up & during my a.m. work out when my head is most organized & strategic. Then I write it as my next step after my shower & vitamin drink – whichever of the two cues come first.
Melissa X.
Writing my to-do list is a part of my evening routine each night. Having that planned helps me sleep better, wake up easier, and feel more in control of my day!