When you use to-do apps, do you also write them down on a physical planner, or vice versa?

Colin E.
When I use a to-do app I usually also write my to-dos down on paper so I won't have to keep opening up the app everytime I need to look at my to-do list. Phone batteries may die, apps may temporarily stop functioning, but paper can be taped or pinned up somewhere where you can easily see it.

Manuel F.
This depends. I thought I used only the apps I've downloaded, but I thought about it and realized I do also write some of my list items down (albeit not in a planner; just a pad of paper or on one of those half-sheet-sized Post-it Notes ).

I still haven't found a to-do list app that quite matches all of my needs, so sometimes I write out tasks that have multiple parts.

I will also do this for tasks that must be done that day where I need to do a variety of other tasks beforehand in order to be ready for that task / appointment / meeting / whatever.

I typically need to look at the time I must be finished by, and then count backwards to make sure I am finishing each task with enough time left over for those that remain.

Edna P.
I use the High Performance Planner to think at a high level about my goals and values, and then Microsoft To-Do to organize my specific tasks and get into details. My planner by contrast focuses on the Big 3.

Arianna U.
Yes I collect all my to dos in google keep. Then I look them over every morning and select from there to put on my todo list. During the doing the todos will write down any distractions that pop up. The next day when writing my new todo list I will add the distraction to the list or to google keep.

Wallace P.
I like to keep a written list of things that need to be done during the day. It’s easier than trying to find it on my phone.